Atlas Lv4 Pass

So. It’s Tuesday July 18th (3 days from the much-anticipated 21st) and I personally have not heard of anyone being contacted by Atlas/HG concerning their physical address for the Level 4 pass delivery.

Am I missing something or does it seem like a physical delivery at this point (assuming they’d deliver before July 21st) is impossible?

It could be after phase or in the middle of phase 2 when they ask but right now it seems unlikely they could get to us before next month

They may have to get them made in batches. It isn’t like they can go to ANY print shop and order 5,000…expecting delivery in 2 weeks. -)

They have to source the material, printing, construction, packaging, shipping. Coordination between suppliers and vendors. Assigning people to make it get done. It all takes time and lots of $$$.


Did they say a physical pass or a virtual (digital) pass?

I believe either the email for the survey or the survey itself says physical pass


IIRC no date was given for when lvl 4 passes would be sent out

Why would they give us the choice to receive a pass? Why not just enter everyone that completes the survey in the draw? I’m sure we would all want one! “my precious”

maybe its something that could be harmful !! I mean in game of course , maybe it unleashes something we cant handle and by saying yes to it we put our own selves at risk (Theory of course but hey its fun)

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You also have to give them your mailing address. I suspect they will be sending emails asking for that in another survey or something.

SO when people post that “I got it!”, obviously they are just trolls.