Artimus is out there if you let him exist

Did you tell artimus the truth? I didn’t. What are the drawbacks of not telling artimus and not shutting the simulation down? I believe we are artimus. We are in the simulation already.


I don’t believe there is any downside no matter what you chose to do.


It just changes the dialogue with him a little bit near the end of the story. Also, in case you didn’t know, it is possible to get Apollo killed; after he tries getting to you with a portal, he will call you when you are in space, and if you make the wrong choice when talking to him, he will never be heard from again and not be in the last part of the story.


Greek Goddess Artemis

Perhaps instead of “he” we could use the in-game pronoun “they”?

(Don’t know why this bothers me so much.) :blush:

Probably because most of the time it’s confusing, occasionally it’s illiterate, and it’s always pretentious.

If you feel you must use a gender-neutral pronoun, then make something up. “They” just doesn’t work. Even “It” would be better.


It isn’t the need for a gender-neutral pronoun. I suggest the in-game usage only as an alternative to using what I consider to be the “wrong” pronoun. Artemis is a female Goddess. I wouldn’t call Apollo, “she”. Although I probably would call Null, “it”. ;`)

Of course if you know your McWhorter, you know that every part of a language can change and it would be pretentious to insist otherwise.

Back to the OP, I did tell Artemis the truth. She didn’t like it much. ;`(


Being that we are in the simulation created by a computer. All characters and lifeforms are gender neutral. I think,


On the topic of if we should use “It”, “They”, “She” Or “Him”, I don’t know :slight_smile: But I do know that a computer simulation has no need it seems for generating species via having sexes. We know that in a simulation, all things are just generated and or spawned in. Maybe for now when referring to Artemis or Null or any of the Races we should just call them by their Species name or their actual name.

Personal Pronouns of Gender are only good for Creatures with actual Sexual Diversity it seems :smile:


The Gek and Vykeen reproduce in some way: Gek have spawning pools, Vykeen have “consorts” which they have spawn with, though we don’t know how these couplings take place and if they are anything like human sexuality. Alien genders and impregnation could be totally different from our own.

For example, in Isaac Asimov’s novel The Gods Themselves, an other-dimensional race of beings had three genders, and the throuple would meld their bodies together and spend a few days as a different entity before spliting again. It was one of the more masculine-seeming genders (Asimov refered to it as “he”) that became pregnant and carried the offspring to term and nurtured it.


We know the Vy’keen mate as couples to produce offspring - we are told so in the technician’s story during the base building quest.

We know that at least one of the couple is considered male. There is an NPC encounter with a Vy’keen where you are required to decide in a betrothal. Not only is the unseen partner described as “virile” (i.e. masculine), but the other partner receives a dowry (usually, but not always, given to or for the bride).


I believe one of the likely many influences for No Man’s Sky, was The Left Hand of Darkness (1969), a science fiction novel written by Ursula K. Le Guin. One of the main themes is social relations in a society where gender is irrelevant. Some find it one of the all-time best SF novels ever written and has been very popular with over a million copies in English sold by 2014.



I like the idea of we the players being artimus, that would actually make a lot of sense also how nada explains visiting the atlas and not being able to talk to it sounds like what happens to us in the story as well so maybe, pretty interesting :):smiley:

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@DevilinPixy Put down all the lore in the game in a thread awhile back, and it includes those entries (I requested them). I think it is in Knowledge Center but I’m not sure.

Theres tons to go through… have fun. The non quest related Holoterminus ones are kind of funny.

It is very rare to find a holo terminus after the story is over. That’s why we had to have Dev poke in the files to find us the lore.

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