Are Atlas Pass lvl2 and lvl3 still available?


I’m about 90 hours into the game with many of the trappings to go with that time - most milestones at 10, base, class A ship, lots of money - and yet I still only have the lowest level Atlas Pass. I’m on the quest that has me warp 16 times, so maybe that’ll net me one once complete. I don’t want to read too deep into quest and quest rewards because I’m trying to avoid spoilers. I’m really just wondering if the level 2 and 3 are still available and maybe how do I get them.


Yes, they are. Have you completed the Nada and Polo quest line?


Also by checking all manufacturing facilities and operations centers. I can’t remember exactly how I got 2 and 3, but one was in a building and the other from Nada and Polo, specifically by showing Polo things he wants to see (data scans etc…)


Everytime nada and polos space anomaly appears, polo will have a new milestone quest for you. Rewards include atla pass v2 and v3 as well as warpdrive upgrades, the very last item he gives you is warpdrive tau. Its also possible, though extremely rare to get these from npcs, operation centres, manufacturing facility etc though not sure if this is still possible or was a bug to begin with. Easiest way is via Polo


I believe that I have seen the last of Polo and Nada. They bid me goodbye. I would chat with one once, then he would close off to me until the next time I saw him. Then the other one would do the same. This happened every time I saw them until they bid me goodbye. I haven’t seen them since.

I know that earlier this year, when I played back in February, that I could chat with each of them multiple times and that that was how to acquire the passes. Since I can’t do that this time I’m wondering if there is a new method or if they no longer dispense in the game.


True. They now only have one conversation per visit. I do believe if you warp away and back you can have another conversation with them. Otherwise, they should show up along the Atlas path route or they will show from time to time along the other paths. I have completed all story lines and did not receive the lv 2 and 3 passes until after the storyline so I do not know if there is a difference before or during the story.


I got caught not realising I needed to press the paw symbol in the upper corner of the fauna discoveries screen. This meant I wasn’t getting my dues for all my completed fauna discoveries and therefor Polo wouldn’t progress and give me goodies.
You have to just wait for them to be in a system when you arrive; takes ages sometimes.


@roytheodd Just to add to Hatters point, They can also appear if you load your game after a spell of inactivity and then launch into space, i find this more common. I once did 100 jumps in one sitting pre 1.3 after surviving 30 days in extreme on permadeath mode (the milestone wasnt cumulative then either) so i cold hand it in and they didnt show once,turned off console, came back next day, loaded game, got in ship, Poof , space anomally. Have had this experience with my PC copy too on normal mode


If you jump to 2 or 3 system in a small area and land on planets to explore, Nada and Polo usually show up.


Thanks everyone. I guess the answer is to keep plugging away.


The v 2 and 3 passes are still obtainable from Manufacturing Facilities and Operation Centres, I have been told. Asking NPCs for directions is the best chance to find them now.


Hello fellow Traveller!

I had the same ‘issue’, I tried finding an Atlas Pass V2/3 at alot of facilities but I never got it. Then I continued to hunt Nada and Polo and after the 10. Time maybe, he gave me the Atlas Pass 3, which you btw can use to have all accessabillity from the v1 and v2 pass! So I guess the most reliable option is to look for space anomalies.

Have luck!

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