An Ode to Snappies, Clappies & Puffies


Well this snappie just won the Honor to be the first snappie from Next!

a huge applause please



I briefly played a new game file to see how the game starts you out…it spawned me right beside a Snappie…and I was snapped first thing…:sob: then I died from over exposure to toxins while trying to run up a slippery, slimy slope which kept sliding me back down to where the Sanppie was…Here is the culprit


Snappieception (taken before NEXT)


My first impression is that NEXT brings Snaprz that are more hidden and more camouflaged, as in the one below.


Texas Sidewinder Snappy


Scenic Snappie

Smoking Snappie


Blasted away a stack of rocks for Ferrite and found these hiding underneath.


Snappy Watching.


Snappie Stache


So the search for a 4-Snappie patch is still on! :sunglasses:


It’s quite pretty when you see all the variety.


I haven’t found the 4 pack of Snappies yet, but there are 4 in this picture.

Scheming Snappies


Where there’s a will, there’s a…


I was thinking the same… still looking for the legendary 4 snappies crew!


Soaking Snappie

Sheltered Snappie


Studying Snappie

Sneaking Snappie


I am already out of hearts so here is a :heart:


Sinister Snappie

Stylish Snappie


I think of American Indians with feathers when I see these kind of Snaprz.

The variety of Snaprz has gotten better, more beautiful, and a bit more sinister and sneaky with both Atlas Rises and NEXT. Maybe I should be afraid of the next major update. :smiley:


Sunburned Snappie

Somnolent Snappies