An Ode to Snappies, Clappies & Puffies


We all know that unpleasant little weed that pops out of the undergrowth and gives us a whack.
Call it what you will: Snakegrass, Deathweed, Stinger, Arse Whooper, Coiled Thwapper… or probably the most common… F#%@# %@#$@!! plant!
At my place we call them Snappies (often accompanied by an expletive, seconds before it gets vaporised).

Whatever you call it, I decided to take a bunch of pics to highlight the interesting differences of everyone’s favourite and spontaneous source of carbon.
Love it or hate it, its all across the galaxies. With a variety of hollow bellies,full bellies, all manner of claws and postures, to bald or wearing a leafy wig… it’s out there waiting to give you a slap.
Here’s to you, you horrible snappy plant :beers:

Feel free to add your own

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I call it the Arse Whooper. Been collecting photos of them as well. They do seem to come in a wide variety. Will add some pics soon. Also, can they be exterminated or do they respawn? Makes me wish I had a flamethrower. :sunglasses:


I like that. I’ll add that name to the list. Look forward to your pics.


Check in with Elon Musk, he might have a few extra flame throwers.


We call 'em “Coiled Thwappers” served up with the usual expletives. :laughing:

Fantastic set of shots.


I call them Snakes in the Grass!


Guilt free carbon - their name.


Nice pictures. These close ups really show how PCG works…not so much how, more like, the diversity. At first glance, these plants all look the same and have the same function. No two are identical though…No Man’s Sky is such a strange, beautiful game. I’ve been electronic gaming since the 80s, NMS is THE only game where I have a dedicated folder with hundreds of screenshots and video clips. The only game. Ever. In nearly 40 years of gaming. Major, Major kudos needs to go to the art team/direction for this game. The feel of all those old classic 70s Sci if novels has really been captured. It’s the real ‘Magic in the bottle’ that HG have managed to capture. I literally play this game differently to any other game I’ve played.


That’s what started me taking pictures.
I’d missed the unique individuality of these things.
3 basic plants: sideways, upright and upside-down (abandonded buildings). Then add the proc.gen and colour palette and let the magic pour forth.
Very cool stuff.


I tend to use the C word. Quite a lot. Or feckers. C or Feckers. Bleedin Feckers.



My two most common monikers for these are ‘Ouch’ and 'Whiplash"


I often wish for these to not exist at all, at the same time realising it would not be the same without them. Gives frustration and enjoyment at the same time, killing them off with my handy tool or weapon. On other occasions it’s more like a sudden scare moment, “Whaaa” or “Yikes” :scream: often followed by some F-word and a “GET LOST” as I reach for my tool/weapon … It’s cool to see the other side pictured here and never realised how versatile and different they actually are.


I especially dislike them when they hide inside a rock or a bush and there I am, minding my own business when, SWACK, and everything turns red. :confounded:


I always thought “Dickweed” was the universally agreed upon term…