The Cutest creature I've found so far... The Puppydove!


He just looks so happy to be flying!

That face!


Oh my god, it’s even evolved the ability to swoop down and give air hi-5’s (high-6’s?) with its tail (ノ゚0゚)ノ * * * cuteness overload * * *


so adorable! But look what I found!


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Another cute face


“Yeah yeah, Coprite, I’m working on it!”


I always pronounce Coprite like Crudités.

Misc. Animal excrement sounds like it would be on a fancy french menu if I’m being honest…


If the salads aren’t washed, it’s possible you have both :stuck_out_tongue:

But maybe Coprite is closer to Coke light than “crudités” in the pronounciation.


Well, the critters I have watched produce coprite seem to always produce it on their front side rather than the back making it more like a hairball… :fearful: but I do think it is supposed to be what we think it is