An Ode to Snappies, Clappies & Puffies


Super Fancy Hat Snappie! Must be a show girl from Las Vegas. :grinning:


“Mummy! When I’m all growed up, I wanna be a Snappy!”


The Snappie That Would Not Die…my worst nightmare come true. :dizzy_face:


Keeper of Knowledge Snappie


Cold Snappie

Hypnotizing Snappie


Thirsty Snappie

Sassy Snappie


I wonder if we’ll ever see the plant life that snatches birds out of the sky? Sean mentioned one of the team had put them in without him knowing and he was quite surprised when he saw them, likened them to those things in half life 2 in sewers and under bridges etc.

I also can’t help but wonder what problems these hostile plants had caused in terms of bugs etc that they weren’t present at launch. I think, like the sandworms, they will surface one day when HG have them in a stable working condition.

I can see how the sandworms would have proved difficult to impliment, I’m sure you’ve all come across creatures stuck in the ground that can still attack you but continuously get sucked back into the ground, I’d say this was a glitch that was very common for the sandworms so they’re out of the picture until they can fix the pathfinding and rendering issues.

Sorry veered a little off topic there, your thirsty snappy reminded me of those other hostile plants sean discussed before launch.


It’s bad enough they snap me as I run by. You mean they possibly snap me out of the sky someday?! :scream:


Sneaky Snake Snappie

Simultaneously Sleeping Snappies


Sad Seperated Snappies

Seriously Staring Snappies


Oh snap! I have been referring to these as Snapr and (plural) Snaprz so as so seem a bit more alien a word. They seem to go rigid and emit the gas as they strike. The exact forms and color variations seem to have “blossomed” after the Atlas Rises update.

And below (xenophotographer unknown) is a favorite of mine for Valentines’ Day – “Snapr Love”


Smoke Signal Snappies

Standing Straight Snappie


The Valentine’s day picture is pure poetry! Very Walt Disney looking!


Slyly Spying Snappie

Super Stuck Snappies


Looks like a pretzel. :rofl:


I agree, but I got in the alliteration zone with snappies


I jump out of my ship to land on this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:!

Hope NEXT has worst, still. :smiling_imp:


NEXT Snappy :rofl:


Look what I found!


Innocuous NEXT Snappie