An Ode to Snappies, Clappies & Puffies



I wonder if our lovely snappies will evolve after Next? :grinning:


I think I found an evolved one earlier… Video/pictures pending :slight_smile:


I would like more variation in type and size, they really are one of my favourite parts of the game. Man size fly traps and creepers would also be a great addition. I want to be wary when I land on any planet. I don’t want to feel completely comfortable. More hazards, both natural and crafted would be a great addition to the feeling of unease and isolation.


Rocky II. Clearly this guy really wants to be a Nickel Deposit. He’s trying so hard…


Imagine nests of snappies. like holes on the ground full of different sized snappies haha


Whenever I fall through the ground in no mans sky I pretend I’m in a sarlac pit, so I try doubley hard to jetpack/terrain manipulate my way back to safety, don’t wanna end up like Boba Fett XD


Agreed. More plant nasties to watch out for.

I do similar. Always in ‘survival mode’ even though I play in normal mode. Can’t be too careful.


There is nothing more terrifying in this game than to be trapped in an endless maze-like cave system desperately searching for an exit only to see clouds of dust roving around signalling the imminent assault of a Cave Crab. :shudders:


@oshoryu @Mad-Hatter

Haha I meant when I glitch through the planet but my glob yes, falling into spiralling caves and seeing the sandkings from that George rr Martin outer limits episode dusting their way towards you… Terrifying :cold_sweat:


Omg I hate these moments… with that little threatening red icon surrounding you… :scream:


“In Love” Snappies


Snappies stretching in the early morning !


Calling all Snappie hunters- I have seen 2 Snappies and 3 Snappies close together. I am still looking for 4 Snappies together. Maybe it is not possible. It is like looking for a 4-leaf clover. Keep looking and make sure to get a pic!


Well I never thought I’d be dedicating an entire play session to finding snappier but you’ve left us no choice, it’s too tempting to try and find this rarity if it even manifests at all.


HaHa! :grin: For some reason, this reminds me of the book Ready Player One.
Here Snappie, Snappie Snappie…
:four_leaf_clover: The hunt for the almighty Easter Egg.


If anyone finds the elusive (possibly non-existent) 4-Pack Snappie, we will declare it a NMS holiday and name it after the finder. :grin:


This is my favorite thread. Snappies for days. :crazy_face:


Seek help! :roll_eyes:


Hum… that’s a pretty uncommun Snappie!