An Ode to Snappies, Clappies & Puffies


These sneaky Snappies got me! :sob:


RaYRoD is a mad genius!


Haha the little ones are bad enough! xD



the GODZILLA Snappie !! :heart_eyes:


Ooh, shadow snappy!


Guardian of the bouncing pineapples…


Singin’ the Blues


Chief Sitting Snappie


This cunning little beggar got me as I jet pack landed. I christened him Rocky lol…


Ha that actually took me a second to find it!


It took me like 1 whole minute. Lol. I need glasses. :joy:


:grinning: nice one


Those are cute. Could be worse…


Now that it is confirmed that Snappies will evolve after NEXT to be PVP player, remote controlled, cyberneticly enhanced, traveller hunters, that will uproot and scamper across the countryside :octopus: , slap you to death then dismember you, before stealing all your base resources, I thought I’d best do a final run of snappy pics before I blast 17 galaxies beyond the fade and hide in an underground base. :rofl:
Ok, I made that up.:upside_down_face:
I’m just organising my pre-next pics and I have few last Snappy pics to share.

The Backup Snappies

The Stega-Snappy

The Passive Aggressive “It’s not like I didn’t warn you” Snappy

The Lovely Detailed, Through The Window Snappy


Don’t have a picture of it, but today, I stumbled across (got slapped by) a snappy wearing a fantastic mo-hawk.


Caught in the act…


It took some precise timing with your buttons to get that picture.


I’m getting the hang of the timing, you can get some good shots this way. :+1::grinning:



Sac Venom caught in the act…