An Ode to Snappies, Clappies & Puffies


Crystal Blue Persuasion


“Crystal Blue Persuasion”?



I don’t know how I got started on the alliteration but I am going to go ahead and blame @sheralmyst
I can’t stop now either, I see one break out the camera and the names pop into my head! It’s a Snappie Sickness!


Slimy Snappie

Spectacle Snappies


The crew never knew what hit them.


The Safety Vest Snappy.


Tie dyed Snappy

Brown Recluse Snappy on a Terraforming Disaster planet



Sneaky Snappy


Stretching Snappie

Strong Snappie


No alliteration for this one (don’t worry I haven’t stopped) just a first for me
@sheralmyst I still haven’t found 4 together but here is a pic with 5 kinda close together, the most I’ve seen.


Dangerous planet…:scream: Snappies at every turn!


Went toe to toe with the deadliest force in the universe and lost horrifically

No, not this guy. Further to the right.

Not these chaps either, a little more to the right

It was this guy that did me in.

I had taken out the mighty walker in the midst of a storm, the constant dodging having drained my life support systems.
In the throes of victory, I got Sucker Snapped.
Cut to black.
Title fade.
Generation number two is born and vows to rid the universe of the snappy scourge.


Stubborn Snappie

Scrutinizing Snappies


Candlelight Dinner Snappy


Sleazy Snappie

Shivering Snappie


Buried Tech Booby Trap Snappy


Symbiotic Snappie

Son of A ***** Snappie


I came across a planet that had a snappie concealed behind not one, not two, but three different bushes! I didn’t see it until it was far too late. :angry:


Triple Whammy


Christmas Snappy - it attracts butterflies