An Ode to Snappies, Clappies & Puffies


Christmas Snappy - it attracts butterflies


Found a sentinel that appreciates(or loves to loathe) snappies just as much as everyone here


Supported Snappie

Supple Snappie


The Snappie that would not stop…as long as I remained where I was when he attacked me.


Sticky Snappie

Surrounded Snappie


Serenading Snappies

Squeezing Snappie


Forgot to get a better picture, but I was fairly amused with myself on the name. I would like to think I was the first to upload that and that is the name of snappies on the Community week 1 planet.


Spelunking Snappie

Sharp Snappie


Ballz of Steel Snappie


Hermit Cra- er, Hermit Snappy

A native to Edison ECSD


:scream: Did I just find the elusive 4-pack? I am not sure it qualifies. If they were just a little closer together, maybe…


Well, that is the closest to a 4-pack I have seen. :+1:


hmm… I imagined the 4 squad a bit more packed lol Where’s the forth one?


It is soooo close!


It gives me hope…:smile:

@arpoja I triggered the 4th one at the back of the pic between the 2 tall, pointed stones.


Congratulations anyway haha
They are still enough close to make it count! :smile:


Sipping Snappie

Straw Snappie


Sneaking Snappie

Swollen Snappie


Vile snappy

Well hidden snappy


Stranded Snappie

Scared Snappie