An Ode to Snappies, Clappies & Puffies


The 4 Snappy Squad !!!


I think we have a new record. This is the NMS equivelent of speed runs now I guesa, only instead of measuring and beating time, it’s quantity and distance apart. I feel like I said that last time or at least I meant to :joy:


WooHoo! That group is closer than mine. :+1:


That’s certainly the leader in the Snappy Quad-Squad treasure hunt.


Hehe thank you guys :smile:


These Snaprz look “squishy” like caterpillars. That adds a certain “Yuk” factor.


Almost the four pack!


We are getting warmer! I have high hopes that will have the real deal very soon. :grinning:


I call em a variety of things. More often than not, it’s a lizard tail.


haha that’s great! We are getting really really close with this one !
Are we all ok about giving total immunity upon the 4 squad snappies? :pray:


4 squads have my respect and deserve to keep living. 3 squads I also respect but they don’t deserve life still. Duos are ok. But solos are dead carbon. Or oxygen. Whichever one.


Snappie Offering to the Mighty Rock God


I haven’t harmed a Snappie… HAVE YOU?!


Not even one ! :relieved:


On occasion, I may or may not have extracted carbon from a snappy but only on a purely consensual basis, for scientific research purposes & within guidelines of the Snappy Protection & Conservation Act.
I have yet to encounter a Snappy that has ever attacked without first having placed myself within its territorial bubble. At no time have I been stalked or harrassed by a Snappy nor have I justified retaliation for accidentally getting struck by a Snappy.
Snappies are our friends. Everyone should hug a Snappy today. :peace_symbol:


Stalking Snappies…:scream:…kind of like the Weeping Angels on Dr. Who. They don’t move as long as you look at them but, turn your back…:dizzy_face:


Squabbling Snappies

Shiny Snappie


Those things were seriously creepy…






How close is close enough? And there is a 5th one not far away.

If only the one on the right would scootchy over just a little to the left.