An Ode to Snappies, Clappies & Puffies


How close is close enough? And there is a 5th one not far away.

If only the one on the right would scootchy over just a little to the left.


I would give that to you - but I consider you the arbiter of that decision :smiley:


Well, before NEXT I was never able to find 4 that close together. Obviously something has changed. With the 5th one so close, it makes me wonder…Funny thing was, I zoomed in for a shot of the 2 on the left because they were back to back. It wasn’t until I panned the camera around that I saw the other 2 on the right…I almost missed them. :sweat_smile:
I was originally spurred into this hunt because I frequently found 3 growing closely together…I am still not sure this is it. I would like them to be closer. This does, however, make me wonder and a little bit afraid. Just how big of a gathering might there be out there? :scream:


Winner! Winner!


Planet of the Snappies.


Do not get out of your ship if you land there.
I wonder how much carbon you’d get from that planet?


YOU MONSTER! :scream:


It’s a crossover post! :grin:
NEXT- What’s On the Other Side Pics

Know if you can find four snappies straight in row. @sheralmyst


And the current record goes to @sheralmyst!
That is the closest one ever seen! :medal_military:
Until further discoveries… :wink:


This one’s flexing. :muscle:

Sheltered between some eggs.


Sentinel shooting Snappie!?

Snuggling Snappie


Just a Snappie



I do appreciate the newer color themes & variety of the Snaprz. The NEXT versions seem to be more camouflaged as well as placed near other objects that might give them “cover.” I have not encountered the blue ones yet. They are cool! (Well, blue is a “cool” color, so I guess it makes sense. :slight_smile: )



Puff the Magic Snapr…
They can be quite striking [Ooo … an unintentional pun] (by Torchlight) at night, especially with some associated clownish colored flora.

And one stat for numbers freeks & geeks: A Snapr “hits” you at somewhere between 4.3u (hits) and 4.7u (doesn’t hit) distance from them. Yeah, I tested it! :smiley:


Limelight Snappy


Has anyone else noticed a Snappie Invasion since 1.7? They are all around my base now as well as a lot of new knowledge stones. They also showed as unknown so I had to re-scan them.


It’s the start of their intergalactic takeover! :scream:


Actually, I noticed a snappy right next to my basic starter base (on a big black stone cube in my new save), which I was certain wasn’t there before. There were 2 lonely sodium plants and that was it. Now there’s a snappy as well?


So, It has finally begun… May Atlas have mercy on our souls.


Mrs Mad Hatter’s contribution to the search for quadruple snappies.
It’s certainly the tightest tripple I’ve seen.
(Sorry about TV pic but I didn’t have time to do the PS4/USB/PCshuffle. I’ll upload a proper copy later).

EDIT Updated to better pics.