An app but its evil: beyond our glass screens is a reflection of our reality


This isn’t related to Waking Titan, but I think many of the topics and themes in this game will soon be involved in the ARG and perhaps even No Man’s Sky itself.

Plus it is a nice diversion from just waiting for something to happen; I really liked it and wanted to share. Enjoy!


Okay that’s just creepy (shuts off cell phone and begins fashioning a new improved tinfoil hat).


So that’s the new Google Pixel AI Assist…


Thanks for sharing, looks like a game I might enjoy and it has got a nice Philip K. Dick title too :slight_smile:


Oh ! nice one! There’s also a game called “Sarah is Missing” that looks like this one. You can download it for free


I believe all the evil AI takes over the world fantasy, be it movie or book, has the AI originally designed to help humans. Seeing this, makes me think it will be an AI designed in a game to be Evil that escapes. There must be a show , movie or book, where this happened, I’m just don’t recall.


I seem to remember a few years ago there was an MMO (possibly World of Warcraft?) in which the developers introduced a communicable disease. It was supposed to be an inconvenience, but it turned into a plague, and spread out of control. Whole communities were wiped out.

Not exactly the same, I know.


Personally, I believe that if an AI ever became harmful to humans, it would have to have been designed or altered by humans to act in that way. I strongly do not believe an AI designed to help humans would suddenly just “turn evil”.


There is a great game out there for the PS 4 called “Horizon Zero Dawn” that tells an epic story about what could go wrong with AI and human society. And of course the -hero(ine)- who has to set things straight again. But in that game humanity is back in the age of hunter gatherers again who are left with the technical remnants and create catastrophe after catastrophe with them…


Love that game! I heard the latest DLC is great. Have not played thru it yet as my PS4 has been confiscated by the other gamers in my home. As AI improves, who knows what might happen? Just put in a kill switch, just in case. :wink:


I know this feeling, I should have never bought the kids Minecraft or ark for the ps4. Or vue for the wife, need to move that to the ps3. Horizon dawn zero is on my list to get.

So your saying we are safe from Emily, @MacForADay


I thoroughly enjoyed that game. Accidentally overwrote my completed game & recently restarted. Initially I was worried it would be a messy shooter but it was easy to learn with a fantastic massive world. Haven’t gotten into the DLC part.


Yeah I think it was called the blood plague Hunters could take it out with their pet if they put their pet away in the dungeon the CDC actually contacted wow for the information about that


I’m currently playing the closed alpha of sea of Thieves it’s been the Pirate’s Life For Me Lately


for your info : Horizon Zero Dawn
do not complete the main quest before the end but, do the dlc,then finish the main with the new weapons!!!


Also do the special armour power cells along the way or else you spend ages back-tracking.


wonderful game wife plays


This is on my list too. Been waiting for a good pirate game. Played a lot of pirates gold, back in the day on Sega and pc. Didn’t Get into Black Flags. I was hoping, Rockstar games would make a cliché pirate game like they did for westerns with red dead. I use to really enjoy the economy part of pirates gold. which I think all goes back to playing tiapan on Apple II. Found this link the other day.


Horizon zero dawn is really an amazing game I beat it last month and loved every second


It’s really fun so far not a lot to do at the moment but they said they took out a lot of the features for the closed Alpha I’m interested to how it is at launch