Out-of-this-world ideas for videogames in the future!

So the Waking Titan ARG has given us a lot of ideas for fururistic technologies that could enhance videogames. Echo used sound bytes to recreate our loved ones into virtual assistants with familiar voices. W/ARE is using new VR technology to project games straight into our brains while we dream.

So let’s come up with our own futuristic ideas for new technologies that could enhance our abilities to create and play ever more dynamic gaming experiences. They can be fairly realistic ideas, or crazy, whacko ideas straight out of science fiction.

Here’s an idea I just had:

FULL BODY SCANNING - Tired of games with character creation that never quite let you make someone that looks like you? Well wait no longer because full-body scanning character creation is here! Just go down to your participating local video-game retailer where they have a full-body scanner just like at the airport! Let them scan you and they’ll save you a file of your scan to a USB drive (for a reasonable fee) that you can take home and load into all your favorite games.

Your personal, digital copy of yourself is anatomically correct down to the smallest mole! Finally, you can show the world who you really are, while your digital copy mows them down with semi-automatic weapons, or pours them a cup of coffee in your favorite job simulator!


Something along the lines of the Yule Brynner movie Westworld where you can actually enter the game and live out the experience. (This would be awesome as long as none of the AI involved goes haywire and runs loose on a killing spree as Brynner’s character does):wink:


Not really out there in terms of tech concept but… No Man’s Sky however every single planet has been handcrafted down to the individual blades of grass (possibly using dev teams from all over the world).

Or…Proc Gen so good it could provide the same result as the above :stuck_out_tongue:


Something along the lines of where the procedural generation engine (for NMS) that could adapt to the system you have and will have in the future. An eternal updating NMS!


That is EMILY!!!
She knows best!