Access ramps no longer snap correctly

Access ramps no longer snap to structures/doors, so they can not be placed properly.
If you use free placement mode, you can place, but you cannot change the angle - it will be horizontal.
Note: If you free place one “ramp” it will basically be a horizontal walkway, and you CAN then snap additional ramps to the first one. This is pretty cool unintended behavior for creating walkways, but we need the original ramp behavior back as well.
PS4 creative mode.


With a new building menu, comes new ways of glitching.

I do agree this is a bug which should be reported in hopes for a fix, but here is a way it can be solved for now (copied from the NMS Discord)

Ok, so i dont know if this glitch has a name, but I’ve been calling it the ‘pivot glitch’. Probably another name for it could be ‘tether glitch’. To set this up properly, determin the point where you’d like the walkway to end on the ground, and place something like a lamp post or flag (this is your reference point).
Now, switch back to the Access Ramp, turn on wire placement mode, place one end of a wire on your reference point (where you’ve placed the lamp post). Now, instead of placing the other end of the wire, turn off wire placement mode, you should be back to the Access Ramp piece but now it will ‘pivot’ around where you placed the wire end, as if it were tethered to that point. (make sure to turn off snapping now until you’ve placed the first Access Ramp)

Hope the above will work for you


It is called the “tether glitch”. Beeblebum covers it but credits other players with finding it.