Base floor glitch


Hello all, really enjoying NEXT! So much to explore, learn, and uncover! On to the glitch. I built a mountain side base, it is going quite well, however parts of my home have floors in the air extending outwards. Some terrain was destroyed when i placed the floors but no returning terrain issues at all. The only issue is that my character seems to slide as if on a hill when walking inside between the free floating amd planted floor panels. This action even interrupts sprinting. I have tried removing and adding terrain since then but the issue persists. Anyone else experience this?


Yes. I also built a base on a cliff and when I walk out the door onto my glass floored balcony, I slide toward the edge…:scream: It is quite terrifying.
It also results in things like this.


I think your Traveler should see a doctor. I don’t think feet bend like that…


Nah. It’s okay. I was just tap dancing. :dancer:


When climming up a ladder to my second floor I cant get off at that floor instead I continue to the third even if I turn and try I climb up a no existant ladder.
So to get to that floor I jump instead.


Yes. That is a current glitch. I believe it has been reported.


You can find a topic about the broken ladders here:


When I alternated them I was able to climb lots of floor levels but it will be ok …I have faithxxx