Ladders bugged


I find the ladders annoying even if they work. Smashing that <space> bar in an attempt to let go when on the right floor. I have several round rooms stacked, those ladders are a pain. Figured I’d be smart and decided to alternate them, just to notice the following…

Obviously that doesn’t seem to work and makes it even worse. Player still knows there is a ladder, so is NOT going to let go! Instead, just keep on moving shall we ???

I really miss the old ladders, they worked great, so why the change?

Base floor glitch

I personally always disliked the ladders…hoping that once I get the blueprint analyzer and the other two refiners I’ll be able to make buildings with proper stairs.


Why not ask for lifts? You would think the technology exists in that universe.


I’m sure the old ladders are still in, I have them in my build list but I am getting the legacy bug still if that’s got anything to do with it


Ditto. I have a personal love for stairs in a comfy home anyways, but there are some cases when I would like to have a ladder. Unfortunately, there is another glitch. If you have the square or round rooms on one of those rounded supports, jumping down the ladder hole runs the risk of falling through the floor and getting stuck inside the metal cylinder of that support. Since you can’t delete objects if you’re too close to them, there’s no way out. I was on a building binge and hadn’t thought to save for a bit so I lost over an hour of progess when it happened. So now I only build ladders if the room is the lowest part.


I thought this and was hopeing they had included them in next, I am going to report this as a suggestion, if enough of us do hopefully they will put it in :smiley::+1:


Back in Atlas Rises you would be able to build a ladder in those cylinder supports if there is a room on top. Not sure you had the resources though…


I will miss my good old ladder trick, building a tube of ladders going up a structure. Hope the old ones are still in and functional.


Yes! This. :heart:

It could be a simple pad or half tube-shaped part, and we could teleport to the floor we want just like we teleport now into our current ship.


The problem then falls to how much space the player takes up so you get the ‘Player Inside Object’ nonsense. Even if building in that cylinder is a thing, I wouldn’t have been able to because of that.
I know Fallout 4 had the right idea in that you could delete something regardless of where you were relative to it. This was for that very reason that if you got stuck, you could delete something to get unstuck and just replace what you had to delete, no problem. NMS would benefit from that very minor thing.


3rd person. Now they have to synch up an animation with movement on the ladder, which means they actually need an official state for “being on a ladder”, rather than just have a ladder do some physics trick when you’re close enough. The way it was handled before, I strongly suspect that the engine didn’t know that you were on a ladder. The physics just suddenly started behaving a bit different.

Third-person ladders are notoriously annoying to implement. Even Mass Effect never got it quite right, and the guys at Bioware have plenty of experience with 3rd person. I was actually surprised that HG got it working that well right out of the gate…


Could they maybe have it so the camera would switch to 1st person as soon as you start to climb a ladder, would alleviate the need for a ladder climbing animation🤔


Unfortunately that runs a consumer risk. When games offer the option of 1st/3rd person, there are actually a lot of people that immediately get concerned about motion sickness. Anthem, for example, is set to 3rd person mode when exploring the open world with 1st person mode coming on when walking in the hub area. They had to stress that the shift between perspectives would have a safe transition to ensure motion sickness was minimal if present at all.
If the camera swapped between those modes every time you got on and got off a ladder (which can be sudden and even accidentally happen when you don’t want to) then there would be some major issues there.


I vote lifts then :smiley::+1:


I haven’t had a chance to try the ladders in my old base yet, but I also had a large cylindrical center hub and the ladder in the middle was always hit and miss. I color coded the ladders, so I knew when to get off for storage and launch pad, etc. I like the idea of lifts, but you would need some way to dismount on the in-between floors…maybe melee would eject you?


What if they had a small part that attacked to the exterior like the corridors do? Something nice and tucked in so it doesn’t look weird from the outside and when using it, it just lifts or lowers you to the next floor by pressing either X or Y (xbox controls). It lifts or lowers one floor at a time, but wouldn’t require you to hold the button each time so you just tap Y and go up one floor, tap X and go down one floor. Something like that would be cool - to me at least.

(Edit: This would also make it so there’s no ladder just in the middle of the room. I never liked having ladders only fit in the center because it feels like it’s in the way of anything else in the room such as terminals.)


I find that anytime I wish to do things inside I switch to good old reliable 1st prson view.
I find that jet packing up a ladder in first person is the quickest and least intrusive way of using ladders.
Falling down them is my prefered decent.
Damage is minimal and I don’t get stuck.
(I’m yet to have a ladder base in NEXT so its possible these methods no longer work)


Third person ruins everything. Now even when you’re in 1st person they have to factor in third person things.


I am on the other side of that. I love the 3rd person gameplay (never have been a fan of first person games in general.) There is something to be said for me being able to see my character on screen.

However, I have had to return to first person for the spaceship. I use the in-game console read outs, which you don’t have in third person.

As for the ladders, I was aggravated at first about not being able to easily get off the ladder on mid-levels. But, I have gotten used to it to the point where I barely think about it.


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