A new tv series for fans of scfi


So I’m not sure if its good or not but it looks really. Cool.

I’m talking about Reverie a new show premiering on NBC tonight. It’s about A I and and other elements you guys should check it out.


When an old friend hires her to work at his new cutting-edge company, she is given the opportunity to save ordinary people who have lost themselves in a highly advanced virtual reality program – in which people can literally live their dreams

Well that sounds very familiar…:scream: I wonder if they wear a headset…I think I will tune in to find out.

Ok. They inject you with something?


Ikr sounds perfect for this community.


Looks like the same premise of the movie “The Cell” except not in the mind of an S&M obsessed serial killer.


Yes! :tv: I’m planning on watching this.


The concept seems to borrow heavily from the films The Matrix, the recent Blade Runner 2049 and Inception. Maybe even Total Recall and What Dreams May Come… They created quite a buzz at the time. I can imagine the executive robot pitching the show…

A weekly slot will be an interesting format for those ideas to play out. Hopefully it will bring something fresh to the screen and not a ‘here we go again sigh’.


Did you watch it? Did Dylon kinda creep you out? Why is it a child’s voice can be so creepy? :thinking: :laughing: It reminds me of so many things and yet is new enough that it may work…I will say I had a hard time with the Allstate Insurance guy being on there. All I could think was, You are in good hands with Allstate.


They have the first episode up on Yahoo View


I watched it. I can’t believe that I didn’t connect the Allstate guy :rofl: That is so funny!
Towards the end of the show, it sorta hinted as to who Dylan is, when Mara asked if he wanted to play a game. There was a reference to ‘when they were younger’, I took it as Dylan and Mara are siblings… Thoughts? I did find him a bit creepy, still. But- I was really freaked out at the ending. Boo! :ghost:


Will definitely be watching this show to see how it unfolds. I suspect what happens at the end has to do with whatever is wrong with the program. What that problem is, we do not yet know. I suspect it has to do with the little jellyfish looking probe users are injected with. I am also curious about the use of Apertus to enter the program.


Tonight’s the Night :metal:t2:For those who are following the series.


:+1: That episode was really good! The only issue is the anxiety pills. You don’t just start poppin’ 'em like candy. If you do, then strange things happen. Kinda like what is happening with Mara. You start hearing voices etc…Oh well, it is just a little thing.
Otherwise, I think I would like a secret agent ‘dream’ only more like Jackie Chan style. :fist_left: :fist_right: :martial_arts_uniform:


HaHaHa! I know this episode had some action!
I agree. I would have questioned the recommendation of the anxiety pills, thoroughly.
And hey, now we understand who Dylan is. :wink:


Next week’s episode looks amazing! Looks like we’ll get to see why Mara was the chosen one. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Also, it seems the Allstate solan isn’t working with this show. I’m not too sure she’s[Mara] in ‘good hands’- anymore.


Yeah. Really liked last nights episode again. It seems like all the main ppl have some sort of ‘issues’ they are working through. Lots of untold story there. I wonder what Allstate’s issue is. I am sure he has one…or two. Glad to see Alexis have a human moment. Was starting to think she was totally disconnected from humanity.


Reverie is back on, Tonight! :clap:t2::dancer:t2: