A method to finding trading posts

Alright, so lately I’ve been trying to find glyphs for portals, but my largest issues were actually finding the trading posts. However I have found a method that’s worked for me. There’s probably a better way, and if there is, PLEASE tell me.

My method involves the mission person in the trading posts. If you browse through the missions available, you can find ones where you have to “collect an item”. All you have to do is gather plutonium or something and it tells you to drop it off at a trading post. Thankfully, it marks it on your HUD. That’s how I found my first glyph, and I’m working on my second so I can travel to that one planet and collect the rest.


If you have the Economy scanner on your ship you can just use it from the quick select menu to highlight a Trading Post on a planet in the system that your in. This makes it pretty quick to find those posts. Please note that some people are finding them more often in a Korvax system than other systems so before you warp make sure to filter by RACE then go to a Korvax system then use the economy scanner.

Hope that helps.


If you have no scanner, you can also follow the trade route lines from the space station to the trading platforms. Having a dark sky helps. It can be challenging to see the lines sometimes but this is the method I used for my glyphs.


Oh, never knew about that! That will definitely help!


I have found following ships that are planet bound works. Sometimes they are folowing the trade route lines but not always.
Pace behind them over the terrain until you are certain you are dead-straight then zip off ahead and keep a close eye out for the trading post. If you pass it unnoticed, sudden appearences of ships in your radar behind you is a good indication to turn back.
Or just sit with the ships you follow until they either leave the planet :weary: or arrive at a station :grin: :+1:


Ah! Thanks for this. It gives me something else to try. (I have a visual problem that prevents me from seeing the those lines that lead to trading posts).

I’ve been going (in normal mode) to Gek systems in order to find the Economy Scanner hoping to find also some Travelers at trading posts.

I have five glyphs. But though I am now on #3 of The Purge, I haven’t seen a single traveler since I started that story-line quest. Perhaps they don’t show up in Gek areas, or during The Purge, or it’s all RNG?