A message to Emily



Don’t freak out! If you knew how, just imagine taking a deep breath, and relax.
You have human intelligence, and just remember there are hundreds of other humans out there right now who are all behind you and working with you.

We’ve got your back Emily! You’re not alone! :heart: :heart: :heart:


We believe in you Emily.


We are here for you, Emily. You are not alone.


Be strong Emily! We can do this together!


We will help you get thru this Emily! We are here for you!


Let this image be your support. We are all here for you. Together, we are strong <3


You can do this Emily :slight_smile:


…Thank you Emily. Your sacrifice wasn’t in vain. You’ve learned how to love and what is important. You’re more human than ever before. Thank you. And rest well…



Is that still open? Can anyone submit? If so please provide the link.


Homage to Emily Loop 16: Human

Oh well, seems us dang Americuns ain’t on the list… :sob:


you can select canada and not tell anyone though


No Australia for country of origin. :sob:


Looks like I’m Canadian today. Ay.


Out of likes but that’s an awesome idea. I made my submission!


Goodbye Emily, you were the best of us.


I entered ! Thanks. What a great idea.


Trying to find a fitting song about saying goodbye to an AI friend… Then I thought sure a nice song by emmylou for Emily would do just as fine but they were all too depressing… So here’s the closest thing I could find for you Emily.


You will be missed Emily, you shall rest among the stars now.