I had to do something: "Have you seen Emily Warren?"


I decided to make this in an effort to find Emily! She needs our help and I can no longer sit idly by while she remains missing! Spread the word!


Very nice. Impressive. Did you use their own PDF template?


Thanks! I started to but the background texture was missing chunks. Nothing a quick “Paper texture” search couldn’t solve. Found the exact image and built from scratch :slight_smile: Let’s find her!


Due to some well-meaning, but ultimately dud, advice, the other day I spent several hours dismantling WT’s PDF files. I thought I recognised the parts.

But yes, find the girl!


That’s an awesome poster. Sorry tho, I couldn’t resist the need to modify it a bit, just to cover all the bases. I do hope she’s found eventually!


LOL! I welcome this mod.


That’s amazing! The choice of the song is so on point. 10/10


It so looks like she’s in a station in no mans sky!!


Thanks! You’re the first to mention it :wink:


Thought it was worth checking out. Nice attention to detail there :slight_smile:


So I treated her name like a puzzle. Emily Warren is we are Mirlyn/myrlin! Wizard confirmed!


If that would be Myrdin I would be a lot more convinced… :smile:


Looks like this did its job and found Emily… maybe!


The video was glitched badly, like Elizabeth’s initial transmission. Is this Emily trying to reach us from the future?


I s anyone familiar with this from @sheralmyst


P.S. Expand the quote, don’t know why it just posted one word??


Also noticed that the items in the background of the live drop vid are very different from the vlogs


not sure if its been mentioned but did anyone notice how her tag next to her name is an element
spelt backwards