5th Race and NPC Ideas

This may have already been discussed before but I could not find the thread. I really want a 5th race added. Any ideas? Type,lore,etc. I would like to see maybe female NPC’s maybe children or more types of mechanical NPC’s like the Korvax. What about PG npc’s that randomly appear as you explore doing more then just standing or sitting. Maybe they are mining resources or just exploring.


The idea pops up sometimes & I for one would love it.
More random things as you explore would add to the experience of exploring.
The mind boggles at the possibilities.


As far as I can tell, we already have female NPCs. The problem is, only the Vy’keen can tell the difference.


For a fifth race, it would be easy and interesting for HG to go with a resurgence of the Gek First Spawn (like the difference between honey bees and killer bees). :thinking:

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Talking birds! So now I could say there are literally Sentient Falcons!


Maybe some more variation in attire might be good. And definitely more movement. Pacing back and forth. Operating super PC’s not just tablets. Maybe even operating the mining depos

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I would really like if NPCs in person interacted with each other and walked towards each other. Also maybe space ships interacting, like ships noticeably communicating or fighting. Since there is differentiation between what state of affairs are like in each system (at war, peaceful, tense. . . etc.) I think that hostile activity or communication activity could differ depending on those state of affairs.
The Gek First Spawn vs. Gek Now is a good idea too, I think that would be a really interesting story driven decision.

Improved attire would be really nice. Depending on the civ there could be like class specific outfits for Vy’keen, or for Gek their clothes could denote what kind of trader or economic job they had. The Korvax should be outfitted with things denoting how advanced their wiring is or how much information they have on Atlas or Sentinels. Perhaps some Korvax could even have what looks like computers attached to them, and also be using giant computers, showing each other data. Vy’keen could be shown to brawl with each other and perhaps more prestigeous Vy’keen could have Sentinel trophies affixed to their clothing. Some variation in body types would be great too, seeing as all members of each race are the same height and build.

Of course these are all things that I’d love to see in a 5th race. Id really like to see either the first spawn Gek or perhaps some race that has remained more intact than the others perhaps due to being secluded, or isolated… Maybe they have actual cities on planets or space station cities floating above a planet that has been completely mined of resources for that space station city.


I think the Races are fine with just 4 including us. But I read something about Races and the Sexes of Races and I thought that maybe these things are true :slight_smile:

  • The Gek have both Sexes in one that is why they are always milling about in the Spawning Pools and you never see either male or females.

  • The Korvax ofcourse have no sexuality as they are Semi-Autonomous Machine Lifeforms :slight_smile:

  • The Vy’keen have both sexes but every Male Vy’keen will joke among themselves that the Females look uglier but are the more dangerous of the species. But Dangerous doesn’t make a better Warrior (Just don’t tell that to a Lady Vy’keen). Ofcourse I am joking as all races refer to themselves as neither male nor female :wink:

3 NPC races and 1 Player Race is just right for a Space Exploration Game :wink: