2-4 player co-op confirmed


Scroll down to “Capabilities”.

Co-op 2-4 confirmed.

PVP? Still “who knows?” …


Would be good if they trashed PvP entirely and cur it from the game.


Or we can undersatand SM’s smile when he talked about it. With a 2-4 online multi, you can attack 1-3 other players.
So, PvP but not massive online PvP.


I’m with you on that. :slight_smile:

Edit: Though I wouldn’t want to deprive other players of having at it in their own special universe.


Interesting. “Every other player lives in the same galaxy”.

Not at the moment, they don’t. Misprint? Misunderstanding? Or are they telling us something?


Yeah, I wondered about that, too.


I can’t help but notice they separate “Online multiplayer (2-4)” and “Online co-op”. Maybe they will be separate? And it sounds to me like PVP will be limited to 4 players, but co-op might not?


Weellll… when we played the Unification day thing, it became pretty obvious that the system couldn’t handle a lot of people at the same time. I know there were a LOT of people logged in, but I could only see maybe 6 -10 of them.

Even the comm balls started disappearing.

So whilst co-op might not be limited to 4, I doubt it’ll be a lot more.


I would rather think the other way around.


I totally agree, and U-day is a perfect example. I thought the limit was 16 players though. Personally, one is enough for me.

@jedidia do you mean you interpret it that way? Or you prefer it that way?


2-4 Player PvP? Ooooh does THAT give me an idea!


Or just shoot yourself in the foot… :blush:


I already blow myselef with grenades :rofl:


Currently, players are dumped into “lobbies” of up to 16 players. That’s what I experienced on Unification Day '17 (ended up on Ivy Mike’s server, it’s on YouTube). The disappearing comm balls is likely due to a limit hard coded into the game.

I hope they didn’t completely eliminate the 16 player thing. I can understand if full synchronized multiplayer, where players share the same world and all interactions are shared, had to be limited to 4 at a time. But the larger racing-event / Unification Day crowds are really fun, and I hope we’ll still be able to experience that as well. I’d be fine keeping the balls of light for those not officially “grouped” with you. Better yet, display the ungrouped players, but make them look holographic like the travellers.


I think from a code design perspective it makes the most sense. There’s a lot of data exchange you need to facilitate co-op that you don’t need for casual encounters/pvp. Meanwhile, there’s no data exchange you need for encounters/pvp that you wouldn’t need for co-op. Having the co-op lobby be larger than the local world lobby would be highly illogical.


Hasn’t the NMS ‘universe’ always been called a galaxy? I hope the don’t get rid of the other galaxies. That’s a huge part of the fun for a lot of us. Working towards the center of each galaxy. Plus we still have that 18 quintillion thing!


This may be a continued slip-up. Even though Sean tried to correct the initial HG comments about one “galaxy” to “universe” he himself slipped a few times. Or maybe…

Also … a tweet fro

A recent tweet from Sean seems to imply that multiplayer will be a choice: “Don’t worry. We’ll make everyone happy.”
New mode?


I’m confused. Let’s say (based on the knowledge we have right now) I’m exploring with three friends, and we randomly come across another player, what happens? Do we see another player model, that we can’t interact with, or do we see nothing?


You do realize the next line in that quote is “Or failing that everyone unhappy?”.


Given how close they are to release surely they must know how it’s going to work and that it will work or they could not promise it and advertise it front and center…so I don’t get why he just doesn’t lay out the details in terms of whether PS+/XBL-Gold, PvP vs PvE, whether any of those are optional or different game modes requiring start-over, etc…

I am also more than a bit concerned by the near total lack of marketing for NMS NEXT’s Xbox launch…the game is 41 days away and gamers have been bombarded with amazing trailers for upcoming games from all sides…if they don’t do anything to remind people that this thing is coming many will forget or just have no idea about it as the views of the inside xbox event where it was announced had appalling views…I’ve seen videos and streams of Xbox fans have many times more views. They need to do something or the game will just not sell on Xbox.