1st Person View Vehicle Camera Bug

Whenever you are inside an Exocraft in 1st person view, the screen becomes all black and collision for terrain is removed. This results in falling towards the core of a planet. Depending on planet you can fall rather slow or quite fast.

Exiting the Exocraft is not advised, as attempting to force a respawn at the surface may not work. While inside the Exocraft you can switch back to 3rd person view and do a vehicle jump to get back to surface (in most cases). With the Minotaur it is not possible to get a proper view again by switching camera, it remains a black screen.

Each time after having triggered the bug, the shaders are broken for rendering ‘smoke/dust’ properly, instead looking pitch black. A full restart is required to clear the shader cache, while a reload will not suffice.

I have also noticed wheels missing from Roamer and Colossus after triggering the bug.