The Mysterious Invisible Spaceship


If you’re flying your ship in game mode, you can’t see most of it, because you’re inside it. All you can see is the cockpit and instruments.

Because you can’t see your ship while you’re flying, Hello Games decided to save resources by not rendering it. All that gets rendered is the cockpit frame, and the instrument panel.

Normally you’re not aware of this - but every now and then, if you get yourself at just the right angle between the sun and a planet, you can see your own shadow. It’s quite unsettling to realise you’re flying round the universe in little more than a greenhouse.


Ha! That’s great!


So, I keep getting ships that won’t let me out. Instead of jumping out, I fall down into my ship where I can see right through it. Is this why I can see through it?


I’m not sure when ships get rendered - whether it’s the moment you land, or when you exit.

There’s a general problem with exiting vehicles - we all know about the “ejector seat” effect (which was supposed to have been fixed - it hasn’t). I also frequently find my character exiting an exocraft through the floor. Sometimes I get stuck under there.

Because similar problems happen with exocraft (which clearly do get rendered), I suspect the difficulties exiting ships are not related to rendering, but something else.


I don’t actually get stuck when this occurs but sometimes I do get disorientated looking through the ship’s hull.
I wonder if the ground has anchor points (for ships to land on and for the character) so when switching from ship to foot, you are locked to the closest anchor point when you exit; Sometimes due to an overlap, this is under the ship.
I got this idea from the decorative fuel drums you place that make warp cell fuel makings; Different positions give different fuel whch seemed random but if you find a sweet spot that gives you anti-matter, carefully positioning a second drum against the first allows it to share the sweet spot (with a bit of fiddling & shuffling.) This suggests to me the terrain has points that are reactive to placement and interaction. Just a theory…


More observations:

  • such ejection or exit through the floor from a ship is not considered as such and does not trigger “planet discovered”, if landed on a planet for the first time.
  • exit through the floor is easily reproducible on pc and start to happen after 30-50 repetitions of landing sequence.
  • in my experience, exit through the floor comes first as early warning, that next time you may be ejected and launched.

Recently I have collected 13 recipies and was getting 3-5 non-recipies quests in between. Run into that bug twice, while shuttling between trading post and ops center. Good way to fix it: find or place ground save point, make a save and reload from it. It is better to avoid reloading from save, made when exited through the floor - there is a high probability to be ejected and rocket launched after reload.


In relation to ‘not regestering discovery glitch’.
On the PS4, I always wait for the ground outside to 100% render before exitng my ship. This prevents both non-discovery glitch & terrain-fall-through glitch. I also wait out the black bars cinematic screen, as skipping this sometimes messes the discovery up.
Being patient is the key.

Should I accidentally jump out early and the location doesn’t register I simply take off, reland wait & exit. This creates the discovery and allows any scanned flora or fauna to appear on the list.


So does the ship get rendered when you turn on photo mode when you are inside it?


Yes, it’s only in game mode that it doesn’t. I suppose they didn’t need to conserve resources in photo mode - there’s no animation.


Yes. The more I land, the more I can tell I am about to get stuck. It starts by putting me out abruptly then I begin to fall through but I can boost out. Then I get completely stuck and cannot get out at all. On occassion, it will result in a free ride through the atmosphere…weeeeeeee…:scream:


That matches with the fact that I don’t have any lag when I take pics in photo mode of really laggy bases I visit.


That happens to me but it only happens in exotic ships


Hmm, it’s been a long time since I’ve been launched or fallen through the terrain. I assumed it was all fixed. Well, except at bases. You can watch the terrain fill in at your base.


The old mantra of “famous last words” came over me last night when I left my ship and was summarily plunged through the terrain at my base. As always, I was ready and jetpacked to a solid piece of land where I called on my Nomad. Then, as if the NMS Gods were angry, I was suddenly underground in a dark cavern with nothing but my Nomad and trusty grenade launcher.

That’s right - I have a sewer system under my base, now.


I’ve had the falling through the ground issue around my base for some time now and I have tried various methods to return to the relative safety of solid ground. I’ve reloaded most often, this is usually safe because the save point is so close to the moment you exited the ship but if it happens when you exit an exocraft you can lose a significant amount of progress or farming time. In these cases I try to re-enter the craft while jetpacking but often cannot manage it. If you have a terrain manipulator I have found that if I can find a low cave and while using the removal tool fly into the cave from below. This has had moderate success so far and while it shouldn’t happen at all at least I have managed to return to the solid ground most of the time.

No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art

To avoid fall-through (PS4), I try to keep in mind the following rules.
NPC type bases, plaques, beacons and other locations seem to have different ground structure so are generally safer places to land than open terrain.
If landing (or parking) on open terrain, wait quite a few seconds to ensure everything around you has finished rendering. Planets with lots of grass and plant details can take more than 10 seconds sometimes.
Home base is a nightmare so waiting ages (10-15 seconds) or simply teleporting home is my preferred way of going home. Using smaller ships that don’t hurl you off the landing bad helps.
Jumping out and jetpacking instantly usually helps keep you clear of the ground-trap but often your restore point will be away from your ship which can be disorientating if you do a ‘current’ reload.
I think patience is the key.
Let the game render. If its not finished or its lagging, then you are probably going to end up underground if you disembark.


I found another really good example of this while I was streaming


Nice tip to use TM… a Little tip I find useful… similar to the use of the TM, if you can jetpack up against a low/close-by area of ground you can launch a grenade while pushing and you will pop through into the crater it creates. Thankfully grenades don’t deal indiscriminate splash damage!