What Has Happened to My Exocraft?

My pilgrim used to be an exciting drive. Fast, low, and dangerous - it would tear through the landscape faster than the game could generate it. It was the closest thing to real off-roading I’ve seen in a sim.

But now - now even with all the class S pimps, it’s like riding a sick pig.

It’s slooow. It stutters. The acceleration booster is little more than a backfire. A supermarket trolley would be more thrilling.

What happened?


Interesting. My jetpack was that way for a time but now it is fixed. Now it seems exocraft are derped. Perhaps you should report it.

Changed to bugs n issues topic


PS4 seems to be fine.
Exocraft works well although it still doesn’t recognise inverted axis settings for the controller in first person view. (I invert up/down PS4).
I like the exocraft for Storm Crystal / Bone / Salvage hunting type use.
Which leads me too…
I found, while doing a QS mission, that I nearly filled my fully kitted inventory full of bone bits while hunting for that rare one. Seems the odds of finding good bones has been altered. Gone off topic a bit but it seems related to the current update & bugs are much rarer these days.


Roamer still feels very much the same, though I never tuned it much. Maybe there’s an issue with applying the tech bonuses?