YouTube megathread


Just watched. Excellent job with the recap.



Was there supposed to be a link to your video in that post Orbit?


Right there with you Interns!!!


Only seems fair to this for her now



Thank you @Balmoth. Brings a tear to my eye. :’)



Celebrated today - the anniversary (for world wide release) of NMS! “Zoomed In” Episode 2! Here’s a timelapse:


Hey @kyle-culver, I made a NMS Version 1.3 Youtube megathread. It’s not stickied but its not hidden in the archives either. You can post on it if you think it will be more noticed by people.


Oh my! Thank you for letting me know! I didn’t realize “Archives” would be hidden. I’ll be sure to post this over there. Thanks Mac! You’re a saver!


Well, “hidden” as in people would have to click a few more things to find it? I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t matter; up to you where you want to post.




I’ve started a podcast! “Beyond The Singularity” can be found here:
And here is the first episode with Content Creator @CobraTV


Here is Episode 2 with @moulesmariner! The only one who went to the London Live Drop during Waking Titan.


I’m scrolling through the trending videos on YouTube and I came across this,


I found it kind of fitting :smile:


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Beyond the Singularity podcast Ep 3 - I talk with LPlays Gaming about his channel and how he got involved in the Waking Titan craze!

Also available on soundcloud here:


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