Would you all be interested in a little project of mine?

I tossed this image into the NMS Subreddit a few hours ago, to see what people thought of it.

Somebody suggested a 3d printable version, and so I did some more work on it to get it to a point where I think it could be done (Adding a baseplate, more detail on the model, and a golden ball for you hardcore NMS fans).

For those of you who do not get an Atlas V4 Pass, would you find this an acceptable alternative trophy for your work in Waking Titan? If so, I could make this model available on Shapeways or Thingiverse once I finish touching it up… I could even make a few variations, for little things surrounding the portal (maybe the baseplate looks more natural, or there’s some plutonium crystals sitting nearby).


I’d like one of those myself. What do you mean by “help out”? Buy it, pitch in money? I could afford that in about a month, depending…

I’m not sure what you mean, but if you’re worried about price, it would
only be the cost of the material and shipping. Thingiverse may be better if
you own your own printer because you could just download the file and print
at home, but unfortunately not everyone has a printer for themselves.

Shape ways does have reasonable prices, especially for basic materials. You
could get it in Strong and Flexible White Plastic, and then paint it if you
chose to.

I really like this! My dad has a 3D printer so I would go down the thingyverse route, potentially how big would it be once printed?

That really depends. If it went on Thingiverse your printer would be able
to come up with whatever scale you wanted. However, I’d say no less than
3.5 inches tall, and no more than 5 inches. Too small and you lose the
detail, too large and you waste plastic and time (unless you have a printer
that can do some kind of shell.

Actually, now that I think about it, I could try to hollow it by default.

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