Little something I've been working on designing - Hauler Class

Brushing up on my auto cad 3d. I’m not a pro at this stuff and my work can be a little jagged around the edges. But, so far this has been one hell of test.HS

Missing a chassis at the moment, I have not had the time to dissect it. And my thrusters under the wing need a little help.


OMG, I feel you there with it being a challenge. Those guys at HG are good at their modeling.
They also seem to seriously hate flat or 90 degree angles. Everything is slightly askew.

I attached a couple pics of my ship, the Infinite Dawn, look at the angles behind the wing in the lower right image, just crazy trying to get that extruded right.

Still not done, I got distracted by the ARG and 1.3, but I’ll get back to it soon.

I’m just so glad I’m not the only one crazy enough to try this out there! :smiley: :smiley: __

Infinite Dawn 1


Awesome! You look like you’re pretty close to finished. Your cockpit came out really good

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Wowow awesome old school spaceship! I don’t know why but the front of the space ship makes me think somehow to the Millenium Falcon! Very very nice done!


Where did you get the sketch from that you’re using to model, and are you using Revit or CAD? Just curious.

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What I did was take some screenshots and then draw on top of that to make my initial sketches, then scaled everything to the correct physical size (my goal is to print as a 2’ model).

Once I figured out the camera controls it became a lot easier to go out in space and take all the plan screenshots (Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Font, Rear), and go from there.

It takes a long time to get all the geometry right. You should’ve seen some of my early attempts at it. It was horrible, and I had to take breaks. I still can’t get the stupid Sentinel drone body right. It looks like a salt shaker right now!

I am currently using Solidworks 2016 for this.


Nice work. I ended up using a very similar technique of drawing over the existing screenshots. And the geometry is just brutal. Like you’re saying nothing is a 45° or 90° angle. You have nice 37° angles and so on. You have definitely chosen the right program for this task and you’re pretty skilled at it, judging from your results. I’m working on good ol’ Caveman Aided Design. Everything about this program is just tedious.


For non-profit printing you can access the game assets and work from those…
It would still need to work those around a bit, but they sure make a good starting point.


hmm I may have to look into that. Yeah, all my printing will be non-profit. Pretty much just going to offer up the print file for whoever wants it.

Last time I checked, the NMS model importer also allowed .obj export… Works with object-scenes like the portal, but also proc-gen objects.
You can use NMS save editor to get a specific seed of a ship you own in-game, or search for one you like from any of the available juicy lists…

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Trying to figure out the program now. Might take me sometime to figure out how to export to blender

Right-click, export… Once you load something. I remember it being non-obvious, and having needed to be told myself. :smile:

Export from the game files to .obj which can then be imported in Blender; File > Import > Wavefront (.obj)

NMS Model Viewer (gregkwaste) should have the option to export, although I assume NMS Model Importer (monkeyman192 & gregkwaste) does as well. Both have not recently been updated however and getting the models the way you want may require a bit of work.

Model Importer

Model Viewer


Nice, yeah. Monkeyman’s a continuation of gregkwaste’s, with many more updated features… In fact, animations are being worked on. He’s also to thank for keeping the mbin compiler as up to date as humanely possible. They both have the export as a “hidden” Right-click feature, last time I checked…


Just to update my previous post, I got a reply from Greg (gregkwaste), letting me know that No Man’s Model Viewer is being worked on to get updated as changes since 1.33 caused some issues :slight_smile:

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