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Anyone know how to get accurate info on the player character model so as to make a costume?


I reckon someone somewhere has pulled the models from the data files on pc for you to have a look at.

If not you could always take photos of the models from various angles in game and work off those. Did you have a particular race in mind? Best way to collect all the different combinations would be to edit your avatar in the appearance modifier and go through all the different parts you can change for each race and take reference photos from various angles.

This is the part where devilinpixy arrives and mentions they have a resource folder already made for this very purpose and dumps it all here :joy:


The traveller you start as, already saw someone on here raising money for Sydney children’s hospital raffeling off a custom multitool, saw pics of there work, looks spot on.


I believe that person was posting progress of their work, maybe on reddit, I reckon if you follow the trail you’ll find them. You might be able to drop them a line and see if they can give you any advice in terms of working to scale etc


Thanks I will

Well, not quite a readily available resource folder, but I did decide to have a look at what I CAN do with the tools I have.

Considering the Beyond update, some of the mods require updating. I used to work with a mod called NMS Model Viewer, which was a great way to not only see the models, but allow export to .obj format as well. This mod has however not been updated in a long time. I managed to get some experimental versions back in the days, which were not made public. This mod does however appear to be broken for use with Beyond.

I gave the latest public version a try with NMS 1.55 and managed to get something :wink:

Exported to .obj and imported into Blender, this looks like this:

Sadly enough, no material data is present, neither are textures. Might be able to extract those though, not sure. At least it is the full model, in this case ‘default’. Other varieties are also available for the different races and customise options you can pick.

Of course there have likely been changes since 1.55, but if you wish, I can try see if I can get later versions to work. If you are interested to get the models I managed to get, let me know in a Private Message and I will see what I can do for you.

I am not sure if this tool will see another update, but for now at least it works with older version. You can of course always try to contact the mod developer ‘gregkwaste’. Below are some links you may find useful:


I just checked the NMS Modding Discord and got some info. NMS Model Viewer is being worked on by ‘gregkwaste’ and expected to release an updated version in a couple of weeks. This tool will also receive some new goodies, where you can cycle through animations and poses. You gotta love this guy and his work :wink:

Another edit:
Latest version I can get it to work with is: NMS - Visions (1.75)

NMS Visions (1.75)

Model Viewer (default model)

Exported to Blender (default model)


Wow, just wow


At this point I thought I’d be desensitised to @DevilinPixy 's knowledge and resourcefulness but nope… No. Amazes me every time. Definitely not human. Perhaps an alien of superior speed and intelligence or a highly advanced AI that has escaped and blended in to human society so as not to be discovered by the evil 80s scientists that also hunt Johnny-5. I’m on to you!!


Give this a try for a closer look at the model (Using Babylon.js glb file viewer) :wink:


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