I need someone with a 3D printer (NMS Related)


I have completed a version of my Portal Trophy, an alternative to the Atlass V4 Pass, and I have uploaded it to Thingiverse. This is where I want to test the model and make sure that it will print properly, before it becomes more accessible through Shapeways. If you have a 3D printer, would you be willing to test this model out? I recommend printing it at about 3.5-4 inches tall, whatever resolution you see fit, and maybe a reinforced hollow structure.

Put any feedback you can give me either in here or on the model itself. I eagerly await the results.


Gave me a 404


I just clicked it, and it worked for me. Let me make sure it can be viewed publicly.


Ah, i figured it out. I can’t publish anything for another 24 hours, since its a new account. I’ll wait till then


The thing has been published at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2481484, would you care to give it a look?


I only wish I had a 3D printer because this looks great! Nice work indeed @Petrus

Regarding fan-made stuff, I’m going to make me a Korvax costume, have already begun scouting out special fabrics, will probably take me many months to make, maybe even a year…but maybe in a year we might have a NMS gathering, which I would would make sure it was ready to wear for, for sure!


I’ll have a word with my dad and see if he’ll let me have a go :wink:


Thank you! Remember to leave some feedback for me. And, make sure not to
print in solid!


Yep will do, my dad says he gonna print it for me!:smiley: can I leave feedback on the link you posted?


Yes, please do!


im definitely going to print one in a few months when i get everything setup in my new house. i can go about 6" tall


I have to say though as well, as an extension of my previous comment that Waking Titan was the ultimate reward all by itself, wasn’t it, a gift beyond words and how moving it was, to read that final email we all received as to exactly what it had been, and why (coming back to that in response to your wording as to why you made this). So for that reason, if not among the 10,000 to receive yet another something special and unexpected, I really don’t imagine there being many feeling they lost out or anything. I meant what I said though, a really cool NMS fan creation, if HG are good with it (I imagine you’d have to check if as you’ve stated wanting to sell it on Shapeways), then I’d love to paint one up.


Have left feedback, great result, nice work @Petrus :smiley::+1:


Have you tried making the Golden ball pass through it, to activate it? :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks so cool!


Lmfao! This is a classic portal so it won’t work no matter what you put through it! :joy:


Fantastic! Thank you for showing me the results.


Hey no probs turned out great! What’s next​:thinking: starship, atlas interface, monolith, multi tool…? :smiley:


Oh, I’ll probably think about working on something. Perhaps an Atlas
Station, but I do like the idea of a Multi-Tool statue. For now, I’ll just
work on getting the model hollow. It’s not ready for sale on Shapeways; at
four inches tall it’s nearly 100 dollars, in the cheapest material!


Oh that’s odd, my dad printed it hollow and said the materials under £10 not sure what material he uses tho


The reason it’s so expensive is that they don’t print hollow, they print
solid, using a powder based material for their plastics. The problem is
that hollow objects are only made so by the author of a print in Shapeways.
They make no attempt to hollow objects.