Share your Passion for all things NoMansSky and SciFi

So I thought why not share the silly things we’ve done IRL that will get weird looks or judgement from regular folk, but nods of acceptance and understanding from those of us that have stuck with HG and their brainchild.

So I thought I’d share the NMS inspired tattoo I got last July.

Not the best photo of it, my wrist loves to change its dimensions!

Yup, I got it before the game came out. This was the first thing that came out in a LONG long time were I was following it with great excitement but not getting overhyped. I’d wanted this game my entire life and I honestly felt like a kid again for the entire time during development. I wanted to commemorate that incredible journey coming to an end with something, so, I opted for something permanent.

Before the game released it got me some scorn from the community “LOL you got a tattoo of a game thats not even out!? You idiot!” etc etc. AFTER release I even got some threatening PM’s on reddit for sharing it again after the post launch backlash, just to show I still love what we recieved and to stand in solidarity with any silent brethren too afraid to speak out amongst all the hate.

Today I can look at it with great pride, knowing everything thats come since and everything thats yet to come.

So, have you got any crazy NMS things? Fan art? Sculptures? KNitted sweaters?! Share em here, Citizen Scientists and Travellers alike!


Hey!! Nice tat @toddomptious!
You are so right when you say that you shouldn’t listen to haters. To judge someone is always really easy.
As a graphical Designer, I think the nms logo is trully beautiful…
I have friends that doesn’t play the game at all and think that the logo rocks !
Nmm I don’t really have a crazy nms object (even if since the game came out, I am still desperately looking to buy the spaceship that came out with the collector version of the game…)

I can post my cellphone screensaver that has been displayed for a loooong while !


My worktable


Holly Molly… looks awesome!!!

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Very nice :slight_smile:


I preordered the collectors edition for PC on, (was getting my digital copy on ps4 already) they were only website taken pre-orders that early and only one that would ship to Ireland.

A few days before launch I got a call to say they couldnt ship to me because it was under the minimum weight. I told the guy I’ve bought single games in regular boxes from the site before which shipped with no problem. He put me on hold to talk to his “supervisor” then came back and said it was a new policy the implemented only just last week. Of course this was a lie.

I’ve always wondered though, why didn’t they just tell me the truth about the collectors edition ship manufacturing issues?

Sean Murray didn’t lie to me about no mans sky, but that game employee did XD

That’s crazy… feel bad for you buddy…
Well I hope one day in the futur I’ll find it and keep it like a treasure as well as a testimony about what we are experimenting right now.
Thanks for the share @toddumptious :smiley:


I have a 3d render I’m doing. But it’s nowhere near ready. Until then, check out r/NMSPortals and you can see pretty much everything I’ve ever done @toddumptious if you haven’t already :rofl:


I wanted to post this as I found it in the game and I thought it was cool

Lights burst from the obelisk. They pass through me, each a whispered Korvax secret buried for millennia within its Rock.

We are the korvax Echoes , ever enduring Entities of the convergence . We live on through the logic and wisdom passed through our metal skins.

Each generation greater then the last.

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Ready Player One trailer just got out! NMS/ARG connection implicit…


Finally got around to ordering the Collectors Edition (unopened). Like the game enough that I’m thinking of
getting another copy to actually open and scour though but keep one unopened. Already have the PS4 and
PC versions since day 1. About 300 hours in and loving it more and more!

watched this earlier if you look it up they have easter eggs for everything in there my favorite is the bike from akira love that movie


A-Team van, Akira bike, Christine, The Delorean, A Chocobo, Freddy…

Hearing about this for the first time. If the director’s name wouldn’t be Steven Spielberg, I’d immediately write it off as shallow pandering and cash-in. WIth Spielberg at the helm… it might just turn out to be good.

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my No Man’s HUDS rainmeter skin and also my NMSGalacticHUB Wiki template generator projects too.

No Man’s HUDs v2.2 (pahefu’s map widget is working, very basic)

NMS Galactic Hub/Gamepedia Wiki Template generator scripts:

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It’s based on a really good book… Not Neuromancer-good, but really good.
But we know Hollywood would need to grow a pair to tackle that…

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got that one (ready player one) in my bathroom in my queue of must reads :slight_smile:

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I made this… For love NMS and R&M. :tv: :rocket:


Episode 2 of season 3 was a nice surprise :slight_smile: Wasn’t expecting it so soon, I listen to harmontown podcast every week and Dan, surprisingly, let nothing slip (he tends to blab everything about the 5th vodka in to the show XD)

This season is gonna be so dark… Well, darkER.

Your 4d portraits are pretty cool, lets do a 4d sean murray mindsplosion!!! XD

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Really? I knew e2 was coming the 30th almost a month ago… They shared it on some confference or something…
It was almost too dark in that I think it was by far the episode with less jokes on it so… (Burrrrp)… far.
Lol. Thanks for that… I like the 4d to echo people not “available”

I don’t have any NMS gear, but I usually take my coffee in my N7 mug or my Stormtrooper mug. And I keep my Pocket Galaxies at my workdesk. lol

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