We ARE NMS fans!

So I went to Steam this morning, and yet again, those trolls reviews flooded the NMS page.
To say the truth I was a bit down about it (even though I think it’ll rise soon).

But then, with a perfect timing I stumbled upon this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfyM6mlE1AQ (watch at least from 4.00 or so to 15.00-ish)

Perfect motivational speech. I’m not always aligned with BicycleWalrus, but there: spot on!

We ARE NMS fans. We Are.

Make sure to spread the love and invert that evaluation mark, up to the sky and beyond!



When the NMS subreddit went awol last august, we all fled like jedi, nowhere to turn, hunted down wherever we went.

The first place I found, was NoMansFans on reddit. Through them I found No Mans High and NMS_Zoology. I realised, yes! The community is banding together and making their own roles within the universe just as I’d hoped!

Thank you NOMANSFANS, though your subreddit has died in activity, you were the crossroads for a lot of us. You showed us the way.



For those of us using a PC and aren’t code creative how does one create an inverted ! mark?
Devices have an easy option but the PC I’ve never needed to know how.

Bit off topic, but here you go:

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I honestly don’t understand what those inverted “!” have to do with the main topic here!
Something we should investigate? :slight_smile:

I think hatters finally gone mad

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yep…it was a looong day


Don’t quote me on this caus I may be completely wrong but it maybe something like downloading and setting a different character set for you keyboard like changing the languages of your keyboard, alternatively it could be a character in a different font e.g. Wizywig (that might not be how you spell that) hope this helps

Actually it’s stupidly simple. I’d forgotten how as I’ve never needed it.
Caps lock on. Hold alt. Press 1.

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Oh cool! I learnt somethin too, now all I need it a PC To do it on lol

Ive found most tablet/smartscreens have a alternative alphabet option that you simply select.
Looksblike you guys got busy today. I’m gunna keep trawling the posts so I can catch up.

When NMS was announced, I was completely mesmerised and couldn’t think of any other game for months on end to be honest.

I was living in Dubai at the time however, and without a PC to play on. Because I didn’t want a laptop with arabic keyboard, I waited for four months until Christmas, returning to Sweden, to buy a laptop, just to be able to play NMS. And yes I had tried to arrange for a Swedish keyboard PC, but there was no way without risky and expensive global shipments of sensitive hardware.

So my excitement was all the greater when, in December last year, I finally bought the game on my new PC. I still remember the “loading shaders” screen upon booting the game for the first time. It was as important as seeing my first star wars movie back when I was 7 years old!

Being new to online fora and stuff, I started checking out the NMS communities on steam (where I had bought the game), and my god I couldn’t believe all the negative opinions and trolls on there because for me, it was such a beautiful and mesmerising game! Sometimes it really affected me as I was an active protagonist on the positive side of the arguments, but after a while I started to realise that it’s better just to leave these fora all together.

About that time few I discovered the NMS Facebook groups however, and people such as @CobraTV, @OrbitTV, and Ty Beecham who was the unofficial spokesperson for the NMS Love hub, located at the center of the Euclid galaxy (and nowadays in Hilbert and Calypso as well). These groups had all I was longing for; a deeply committed fan base and a mature culture of helping out, answering questions, welcoming newcomers. I never thought I’d be such an active Facebook user again! :slight_smile:

Now that I found Etarc, I’m doubly happy for a new-found community, likewise based on respect and inclusivity. I’d really love it for Etarc to continue after Waking Titan, but as a forum exclusively for NMS players and fans, for discussing all types of on and off topics. I’m really happy I found you guys!

So yea, that was my little story!
All the best to everyone!


Thanks for sharing your story, I’ve run out of likes, ill be back in 3 hours to give you one!

When I see all the negativity I try to think, how lucky are we, that somebody in this day and age, with the games industry the way it is, would make a game specifically for people like us.

The ones who love it, who truly understand what was presented to us by Hello Games, we are fortunate to have such minds to play such games :slight_smile:


I think you need a special set of mind for this game, other wouldn’t understand.

First you need imagination. You also need to be able to set your own goals. But most of all you need to be a true explorer: if there’s nothing behind the hill, you just have to know what’s behind the next. Most people would give up. But those who keep going, people like us, finally reach the Oasis and get goose bumps all over. That’s the feeling we are after, that’s our drug. So we stop for a while to enjoy that Oasis, but soon enough one question arises: what’s behind that hill over there?! …

NMS gave me so many of these goose bumps moment, most of them shared with my son who loves it as well. I remember my first Earth-like planet, my first huge shark-like creature, my first Monolith, my first Diplo, the first time I looked at my base and felt home, etc. Thanks Hello Game for this.
I even remember my first Portal. I had no clue what is was at the time. I tried to do something with it, climbed on it, tried to open it, and concluded it was a useless larger than normal ruin…
Can’t wait for whatever is coming.


I asked my 7 years old son to build me something from nms… haha I think he did pretty well xD
At least makes me think about it somehow !

edit: click on pic for full display (:slight_smile:


Nice looks like some sort of ruins ingame :yum:


haha yes indeed! @NeoKamuro

Your sons got a great sense of colour and composition! Even with lego its apparent!


Thanks a lot @toddumptious!!!

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Yes we are! I hope everyone is enjoying the latest update! I know I am!!