Merchandise NMS have you anything?

I was given after pleading with the sales team, a NMS display box. Lucky me. Anyone else have a NMS item? I so want to see and buy MNS spaceships animals maybe even planets somehow… that’s my wish list…


Posting from my phone, hope it works.

Yay! It did work. I had to have something NMS, so I grabbed this.


I had pre-ordered this version through GAME UK. They rang me two days before release to say they cancelled my order because they would not ship it outside of UK as it was “below the weight requirements”.

Total Gekcrap! I’ve ordered single games in regular cases from them before with no problem.

I think it was a case of

“oh no we dont have enough to fill preorders, quick, make it sound like its the customer or shippings fault!”

or it was

“Oh, they dont know when the ships will be ready for the special edition, can we just cancel everyones preorders instead of contacting and hearing back from each one whether they want to wait? Yeah lets go for the easy option!”

What actually transpired will forever haunt me! Good thing I had also pre-ordered a digital copy for PS4 :smiley:

Oh! So there ARE ships to collect… where and how can one get one?

I have the game Unravel and my husband bought me the little red woolen creature off ebay… also I collect the minecraft animals… just love Stuff… i was once a toy designer so tend to want anything that is asociated with the games…wish Journey would make plastic figures.
I will look on game uk to see if i can find a NMS ship now.

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I’d love a pillow of a journey characters head! Would squeeze it all day long. Love Unravel, when the dev took the stage to announce that game he was so nervous but he brought the little red woolen creature he made as a proof of concept on stage with him, theres loads of pics of his adventures at E3 from that year, such cute!

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I think the ships came as a pre-order bonus. And a few others were given out on special occasions (I think a few were gifted during WT).

I got mine on E-Bay. “Better in the hands of a fan” I say. I think there are some still floating around.

Yes I found one but oh very expensive… will wait maybe as the game attracts more players some one will make some for us to buy …fingers crossed!

Yeah, you can find just the ship for ~$100 usd. Which is a fair amount of money. They are made out of solid metal though, it’s heavy :hushed:

Edit: And it comes with stickers :rofl:


Just looked up Sackboy …really sweet…didn’t know about him…

Nothing other than the Limited Edition PS4 box. I’d love to eventually buy some NMS paraphernalia!

What class is it and how many slots does it have? :wink:
Incidentally I have an assassins creed and watchdogs fugurine :grinning:

I only have the collector box that came with pre-orders. Tin cd case, a couple of small books in a larger case that looks like a book itself. Pretty common.
Haven’t seen ANY merchandise at all. The ship posted above is the first I’ve seen.

Would like a collection of mini-ships along my window sill. You know; little 50mm (2inch) models. When I’m writing, I like fiddling with models associated with the topic I’m working on. My study is a hive of models, statuettes books and pictures. Gives me things to contemplate when I get stuck…

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This is actually the first game I’ve enjoyed enough to want to buy the paraphernalia. If HG released some actual models and such, I’d be all over it :heart_eyes:


Looks like we want MNS Stuff! Anybody out there ???

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