Why are my base buildings now labled ABANDONED?

So I loaded my old save.

When I entered the main base building a message popped up saying that its an abandoned building.

What does this mean?


Abandoned buildings are destroyed buildings with the doors busted open and some sort of cosmic horror biological infestation funking up the machinery, interacting with the terminal will unlock a “chapter” of one of several stories related to those buildings. Outside there will be eggs, disturbing these will cause biological monstrosities to burrow out of the ground and chase you.

There are also abandoned systems introduced last year with the NEXT update, all buildings will be abandoned in these systems including the space station (which have the appearance of a pre-next space station.) Next also introduced undiscovered systems which are systems with no buildings and no space station. :wink:

The lore stories from abandoned buildings are some of my favourite stories in the game. Enjoy, and watch out for snappies in the ceiling!!



Did you read my question?

I asked why are all the buildings in my base now labled as Abandoned?

You just said you loaded your save and when you entered the main building it came up as abandoned.

Gave no indication you booted up at your base in original post, so how was I to know . Sorry for wasting your time :+1:

Nice edit for clarification though :wink:

I haven’t checked the bug report thread yet but have a look, someone might have brought it up in there.

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Perhaps you need to power the base?

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Prior to BEYOND, I had a base that came up as an observatory whenever I returned. I think it had something to do with being close to a nearby observatory. It had no effect on my base though, seemed like a simple bug. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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That was very polite considering…

@SirGreenDay Before Beyond bases built near other structures would take on the title of that structure , so maybe that or perhaps its a default now for bases built in the pre Beyond era.

This place is full of helpful people, though bitchy replies are frowned upon when someone tries to help you.

Have a great day

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Okay. Let’s play nice boys.
I believe it reads as abandoned as @LordMarkov stated, because it is unpowered. Usually opened doors are a sign of abandonment, however, even after powering my base, my doors remained open.


@SirGreenDay: I have added the prefix ‘BEYOND’ to your title and changed the category to ‘No Man’s Sky - Help A Fellow Traveler’

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You aren’t the only one it’s happened to - did you by chance go through the teleporter at the nexus to your base?

Edit: if not, try that - remember to report also https://hellogames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


That could be the answer. Some who have done so, return to find themselves a guest in their own base. @SirGreenDay, check your Base Computer to see if you register as a guest.

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I have a base that claims its’ a Boundary Failure.
I put it down to NMS weirdness and carry on. :wink:
When you follow all the lore it doesn’t seem so strange anymore.