Where'd Race and Guild ranks go?

It’s a while ago since I actively played, but I was just wondering, where did the faction and guild ranks go? Now, I’m not asking where the standings are displayed, I found that. But… there seems to be no rank anymore. Your current title is still displayed, but there used to be a number from 1 to 10 there, and that doesn’t seem to be around anymore. Usually, when quests (for example in the Atlas rises storyline) required you to increase your faction reputation, what they really meant was that rank. And I found it a handy reference for some other things as well. But now that number seems to be gone, which puts me into a bit of a pickle… Does anybody know where they’ve gone, or at least what “medal” (as it now seems to be called) is equivalent with which rank, or which standing (a number that’s still displayed) translates to which rank?


I’m on PC.

Press the Esc key.

Click on the the Korvax under Journey Milestones.

On the left is Lifeforms and Guilds.


Yep. But another reason that a “User Guide” to No Man’s Sky is rarely static. I have up trying to create one for my own use. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, as I said, I know that page. I was specifically looking for the faction rank (or level, as it is called in the mission screen), but by now I’m pretty convinced that that number just isn’t displayed anymore in the faction stats.


It’s a while since I tried - 6 or 12 months - but the last time I seriously undertook faction or guild quests, I found that certain quests required a higher rank than others. If you didn’t have the rank, you couldn’t accept the task. And that was pretty much the only way I could find out what rank I was - by trying to accept tasks. When I got to one that required a higher rank than mine, it wouldn’t let me do the task.

As I said, this was some time ago. I don’t know if it’s still true.


I got a notice on my Steam Deck file that the little critter in the wall container had increased my rank with the Korvax. So rank is still there, somewhere.