Where do you look for SM memo? poll

Prediction logs…
Where SM memo will appear?

  • WakingTitan.com
  • Etarc forum
  • Reddit
  • Twitter @NoMansSky
  • Twitter @hellogames
  • YouTube HelloGamesTube
  • CNN
  • Sky1
  • Twitch??
  • OrbitTv, Syrian gaming, CobraTv … & Cie
  • other

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I was under the impression that we would get another email?


Same here…maaaaan I’m tired of waiting…

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If you get the memo dont forget to post how you got it here.

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Haha, CNN. And it’s the 2nd highest vote getter.

Me too, but they didnt say anything about that, if you look close, they talk about HG like their CLIENT.

hopefully email

It will almost certainly come as an e-mail from the Waking Titan listserv

I will only see it tomorrow, I need sleep. So I voted other

The last message we got from SM was a PDF. As far as I remember, linked from an email.

I have a sneaky suspicion that @oldgods is…wait for it!! Non other than SM!!


@FRANK_CADILLAC Tbh, this idea has interloped my mind… blown!!! :smile:
But i don’t think so. Should be A&S side.

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Been gone all day…still no memo?

Lol purely speculation, but would make sense, so he can see what/how we are reacting to things, hell he could be any one of us really when you think about it!! :flushed:


Nope. They’re really stringing it out now.

:astonished:…is it you?.. :sweat_smile:


:smirk: I can neither confirm nor deny that allegation…but no, maybe we need a new thread for this with a Turing test entitled “are you Sean?” :joy:

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Alice and Smith are having a big End of Project party. They’re all drunk, and they’ve forgotten to press the button.


Memo is in the mail right now!

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Finally yes!

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