Where did the trade goods go?

I can’t seem to find the trade goods that Atlas rises introduced anywhere. They apear as mission rewards, but that’s hardly adequate for targeted trading. But neither space stations nor trading posts seem to sell them. Is there still a reliable source for these, or is trading back to sheer luck?

I can be wrong but when you send a frigate for a trade mission, in the final report it tells you what was good or bad to buy/sell so maybe only these missions use the “trade goods” as before. The economy scan still exists so i believe that trade routes are still possible to earn credis.

Not that its much help but all I know is that certain Ruins have an artifact chest requiring ‘keys’ found in smaller chests in the vicinity (sometimes underground)… I obtained an old parchment worth nearly 0.5milli… Finally archaeological excavation pays off!

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Yes, “ancient artifacts” are very good for credits. Plants, fossiles… Between 0.2 and 0.7M for what i found.

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Not really. Most things those reports talk about don’t really exist in the actual game… :smile:

Yeah sounds like they have a great time discovering stuff that we can’t’! Lol