What is with this weird white screen transition when we leave and enter our ship?


As you might guess from the title, I haven’t played in a couple months mostly due to life and the fact that I didn’t like what they did with NEXT in terms of planets. But why in the hell did they add this weird white screen when you get in and out of your ship? What purpose does that serve other than to break immersion because that’s all it does to me.

I don’t see any way to turn off like a lot of the HUD and UI changes they tend to do, and it’s just one more thing that makes me want to go back to vanilla. Also I have to message them again about changing the quick transfer menu so that pressing up or down moves the button up and down, and left and right changes the amount you are transferring.


It’s the teleport. I assume you play in first person. In third person, that transition is just your model being disolved Star Trek-style. In first person it looks a bit weird.
In third person, the transition is necessary to save them the huge hassle of having to do convincing animations of entering the ship, which would be further expounded by the procedural nature, in effect forcing them to procedurally adapt the animation to the current ship model. Never mind also having to animate the ships in this regard.

I can’t say I like the transition, but I perfectly understand why it’s there and think it was a reasonable solution to the problem.


Prior to the white flash (1st person) there was the rather jerky jump from ship to the ground.
It didn’t feel very real either.
I prefer the white flash, as I tend to think of my character in NMS as something partly digital & not entirely flesh & blood. For me, the flash of teleport ship exiting makes sense in the way I’d imagine a true teleporter would be momentarily disorienting.
And as @jedidia says; its a necessary way of transitioning from pilot to walking.
As I tend to regularly change views depending on my activity, I don’t let it bother me.
I quite like the 3rd person beam-me-up style transition.

With NMS, I have developed a mindset which is to accept the changes in the universe as a part of the game in general.
I see the things that go missing as lost data & various changes as the result of the passing of time. I view my Legacy Save character as the distant ancestor of the character I played in Atlas Rises. He inherited a fortune & some very cool ships :wink:
The scattering of burried tech & the excavations of ruins helps encourage tbe feeling a huge amount of time has passed since tbe Atlas Rises era.

I find adapting is essential, whatever the changes are.


I’m glad it works for you two. Personally I prefer how it was before because I just imagined my character was jumping out of their ship, hence the jankeness. From what I saw in videos it looked like third person you just teleported into your ship which was fine, and even though technically in first person you still did that, at least in first person you got the look of jumping into your ship.

But again I would like to be able to turn this off since I’ve been playing for 2 years without it but I know that won’t come. Sadly it just makes me more worried that most people are going to abandon the game and the only ones left will be those of us who have been here since the beginning but they’ll change so much that even some of us will leave.


@jedidia Nail on the head.

Not a big fan either but understandable. I just chalk it up to the idea that it’s a simulation and everything is taking place inside a computer so it’s kind of like i’m in tron. lol It’s not ideal but it works for me, somewhat!


I can’t stand the new white flash, it hurts my eyes. If it has to be a transition I’d love a dissolve or dip to black, never white flash. Anyone know a way to get rid of it?


I have to admit I am not real fond of it either. Sometimes it is not too bad but other times it is very abrupt and very bright. I wondered if someone prone to seizures might actually have an issue with it.


It’s the actual teleporter animation you’re seeing. If you’re on PC, there’s probably a way to mod it.


The big white flash is annoying, and feels like a slap in the face. A fade would be nice, like @Prime-G1 mentioned. Or just the old camera transition; it would have been fine if they just smoothed out the transition. Instead they gave us a blinding flash of light.


Thank you. I searched and it seemed like no one else cared, but I’m glad to hear this.


I have to admit when the lights are off/low & the TV is set to a higher setting, the flash is a bit too much.
Didn’t really bother me previously on lower settings, during the day or with lights on. Kinda annoying but I know why its there and I was prerty accepting of it.
I usually had the 4K TV set to ‘movie’ & typically had some surrounding light so it was less of a blast.

These days though, with my partner prefering the brighter ‘dynamic’ settings (& I often just leave it), I find the flash quite intense & tend to blink to avoid it, particularly if playing at night with little ambient light.

I could imagine that those playing on PC & sitting closer to the screen might find it hard to tolerate.

Maybe HG could dull it to a softer colour & intensity or something.


I feel that many things folks “go on about” are easier to handle as “that’s the way this universe works.” SInce it’s a SciFi game, I do have the required SciFi “willing suspension of disbelief.” :smile:


I understand the ship exit flash as trying to fix the 1st vs 3rd person inconsistency, but I also preferred the old jump-out view.

They also changed the “Save & Chart” point flash. It used to just flash white, but I’ve noticed it’s now doing some kind of dual black and white flash thing.


I thought that was a glitch when I saw it recently. Why did they change these things now? It’s been two years. They even kept these the same after the NEXT update.


I’d settle for this transition, minus the people in the background:


Since you talked about it, that flash caught my attention more and more, and now it is getting annoying. I don’t mind getting a flash from time to time… but it is overtime we get out in a space station… :roll_eyes:


Then I’ll be sure not to bring up how the Anomaly dumps you on the wrong side of your ship now too. Wouldn’t want to get something else twitching in your heads, so be sure not to think about that, okay? :wink:


Didn’t mean for that to happen, but I guess I tend to do that sometimes. I feel like some people don’t notice certain things until it’s pointed out to them.


I did notice. But since you said it was annoying, since that day, it bothers me too.


Maybe if enough of us speak up they will change it back.