Third / First person view management suggestion

  1. Third person view automatically switch to first one view just after landing ship,


  1. -From outside ship, Third person view automatically switch to first when boarding ship,
    -then, when launching thrusters, automatically switch ship to Third view

(This is an already existing in-game mechanic, when you receive transmissions while in third view for your ship, it switches to first one, then returns automatically to third view)

Who like the Idea?

  • Yeah, it’s a great idea. Please HelloGames!
  • No, it’s lame. I don’t like it.

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Since I still play in first person, I’m not too fond of the idea of automatically switching views.

Switching to third when entering photo mode would be nice though. Currently the player model isn’t rendered if you trigger photo mode from first person.


I’d prefer a “One press” option for switching the views. I find it difficult to scan planets from the ship in 3rd, but I prefer flying in 3rd. 1st is more useful for combat so you can keep an eye on your levels easier I find.


For me personally I love the 3rd person view in general…I keep it on all the time on foot but in space I can’t use it no matter how much I may like it because I HAVE to see the the warning timer for when something is about to go down.


I love 3rd person for on foot and flying, but I would like to be just flying along happily in 3rd, pirates attack and then immediately switch to 1st to take them down. You can see shields, charge levels of your photon cannons, (essential to avoid over-heating) as well as speed etc.

I really like the way the camera goes below the ship when you are flying low to the ground in 3rd person.

I’d like to know if something is about to happen before it starts happening…the shields and weapon info you get in 3rd person too when relevant.

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I’m not really bothered but a quick button would be nice, also I would like a quick button to switch to photo mode, for instance if I wanted to take a picture of my avatar sat under a large creature, by the time I’ve told my character to sit then switch to photo mode the creature has moved, the option to change your avatars pose whilst in photo mode would solve this, unless that feature is already there I just haven’t discovered it yet??


Of course, this suggested mechanic wouldn’t affect those who play in first view, they just stay in first view!

I think, on PC at least, a menu where you can set hotkeys for several different things should be a feature. The whole select-a-thing by multiple key presses is a drag.

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I’d like first person to be how it use to be where you didn’t have a character model.

I pretty much play in 3rd person all the time now ; Automatically switching would be kind of annoying. It would be nice if there was an easier way to switch, though.

(Btw, ship shields and weapon systems are shown in 3rd person flight if those values are changing, like when mining asteroids or in combat. The only info you miss is pulse drive fuel and priate event timers.)

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