Waking Titan Password Guide | July 1 (SPOILERS)

Shared here as well :wink:


This is really nice! good work…

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I been considering doing the same today so you just saved me that job.
Just a note I added the tag spoilers on the title and added a blur spoiler to the image.

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Thank you! I didn’t know how to do that :confused:

For future reference, how does one do this?

Thanks man! I was getting a little frustrated trying to remember them all myself and created a list for myself and then thought, wait, let me make a thing. And there it is lol

When you post or reply, the top menu of the reply has the little wheel cog options next to the smiley face, and there you’ll find the “Blur Spoiler” option.

You could just as easily add the spoiler tags yourself before and after the section that you want blurred such as below:

[spoiler] Here goes whatever you want blurred whether it be text or image [/spoiler ]

But without the extra space I added after “/spoiler” (only did it so it shows how it’s actually typed here, otherwise if you type it correctly without the space the site will automatically blur what is in between those spoiler tags)


Thank you for the insight :slight_smile:


This is really awesome.