Vulkan Minimum Requirements

Ive sent an email and reported to Zendesk twice a recommendation that HG update the minimum requirements to reflect the minumum GPU for Vulkan. This should have been done Before release. People have the wrong idea that they meet the minimum when they dont.


@Finnerty: I have added the prefix BEYOND to the title and changed category to No Man’s Sky.


Ok, thanks. When in doubt, I post off topic. Im really surprised they havent changed this info yet.


I agree they should have updated the minimum requirements.

I guess none of the GPUs with Fermi architecture (4xx/5xx) support Vulkan. I believe these were capable and initially promised for support, but Nvidia considered the user base to be too low. Even DirectX 12 was initially promised, then scrapped, to then in 2017 suddenly quietly having been added. Fermi GPUs do however perform better in general with DX11, as DX12 support is there, but it’s not optimised at all.