NMS Beyond on Linux OS

Starting a place for Linux users. Fingers crossed.

FYI for all those looking to play NMS in a Linux OS; The moment it lands on Steam, I’m doing a full test in both ArchLinux and Ubuntu. If I report back it’s working, great. If I don’t, you’ll know why…

Edit: Ubuntu has the SDK of Vulkan directly from Khronos, while Arch is using the Vulkan API from the Arch repository. Any other OSes should be pulling from the same files as Arch does in its repositories for Mesa and Vulkan, so there should be no differences once you get Drivers + Steam running.


I was expecting that something would need to be done, but with a fresh installation in Arch… It just works… There’s nothing else to say. So, it should work beyond (pun not intended) perfect in any Linux OS with Proton 4.11-2, using your repos Vulkan drivers, or the ones directly from Khronos.

Off to the journey for me~!

What I’m running:
OS: Arch Linux
Window System: X.Org (I cannot confirm NMS with Wayland. Should be fine, though.)
Proton: 4.11-2
Protontricks: None
Drivers: Mesa 19.1.4. All drivers obtained from the Arch Repository.

GPU: Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5


Okay… So… I found a problem, and it’s only in Linux as far as I can tell… Tessellation crashes the game. Setting it to standard (aka, off) corrects it. Otherwise, the game will always crash when approaching a planet. Kind of a bummer, but I get 60FPS everywhere, so it’s not a big deal for me.

If someone else could confirm this in Linux, that’d be awesome. (:

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