Getting Pathfinder to run on the Steam Deck

So I don’t know how many people remember but there was a time when early versions of No Man’s Sky were on the internet archive, including Pathfinder which is my favorite version. I finally have a steam deck, and my dream is to have Pathfinder on my Steam Deck so I can play it on my TV or play it on the go, but mostly played on my TV because when Pathfinder came out I couldn’t really play it that much. I am really hoping someone here either knows how to get it to work or know someone who does. The problem is the version seems to be a gog version that of course assumes you have Windows. I think I managed to start it one time but it didn’t seem to fully load, and I don’t know if having it downloaded through Steam itself helps or hurts it since I have to start the Pathfinder version through desktop mode.

Any help or advice would be appreciated please and thank you.


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For all I know, the versions provided on the Internet Archive were taken down, most likely for being full standalone copies of the game. They would have been GOG versions for PC Windows and likely workable on Linux).

I have no experience with the Steam Deck, but considering it uses Steam, you might be able to look into using SteamRE - DepotDownloader on GitHub. No idea how this works with SteamDeck or if useful at all considering there was no SteamDeck back in those days. If the Deck uses the same download as PC, you might be able to get something working?

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It might help remembering Steam Deck is a Linux based system.