Version 1.4 for the Holidays?

It seems like we are gearing up for a version 1.4 for the holiday season.

Here are the data to support why I think this may be true:

  • Each update after 1.3 has come quickly with more content than bug fixes, like we are being baby-stepped towards something.
  • The Atlas pass V4s will perhaps have similar shipment timing to an extrapolated version 1.4 holiday drop.
  • The ARG seems to be paused (web site still up with glyphs still not lit, some of the 16 cassettes have not been sent, Emily stating that she will return after awhile, ect.). The resumption of this would market the next major update well.

Considering all of this, I think we may have another big update and paradigm shift for the game before the end of the year. :male_detective:


It would have been a little naive to think that 1.3 and all that came with it was all HG was working on.

With the enormity of the ARG it would make sense if 1.3 was only the tip of the iceberg for what they’ve got planned.

1.3 was the update that sets the scene for the future.

This is perhaps the next step. @Polyphemus post ties in with this quite nicely. Potential Spoilers


I completely agree on all points: the timing, story and business logic seems points to this coming soon. And I restate my extended hope from @Polyphemus 's topic: It would be great to have a distinctive villain in the game (and multiple multitools). :crossed_fingers:

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[Hype Thrusters Activated]