End of the ARG

So… The release date is 9th of august. If they want 1.3 to start then, the arg should end soon. But we are still in the middle of 2nd part. What do you think. How long or hard will part 2 and three be and is 9th of august realistic? Arg may be fu. But i want that update. Regards

I believe Elizabeth said phase 2 and 3 will be quick, so idk. Maybe the update will come in late August on the other hand.

My guess would be that the ARG culminates in the drop of the update, i.e. will last exactly up to that point.

What I’m not quite clear on is the remaining 10 glyphs… Either we’ll unlock all of those in the time remaining, or the ARG might continue in a different form until another update. Pure speculation, of course.


I think the update will be the beginning of phase 3. No Man’s Sky has been hinted to be a part of this experiment many times (code named Mercury Process). Phase 3 will be in-game and will involve us working together to solve the game’s ultimate puzzle which will end in unlocking portals!


We don’t know that the ultimate end-goal for the ARG is 1.3. It may coexist alongside it and ultimately lead into a version 2.0.

Here’s my take:

End of Phase 2, Part 1 tonight.
Part 2: Wed-Thu
Part 3: Fri-Sat
Part 4: Sun-Mon

Phase 3: Tue Aug 1st-Mon Aug 8th

Update drops on the 9th

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Honestly i am really hoping its 9th of august. I dont wanna wait any longer

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How do you know that??

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I meant the initial release date. Wikipedia stated that. So the anniversary would be this year 9th. Would be great to have the update then. Otherwise, its done when its done :wink:

I’m thinking; updated in August with NMS fans getting the most out of phase 3 with it involving some in game reference/play.
The loyal fans that have stuck by HG and supported SM and embraced NMS despite the dark times will have endeared themselves to HG. I would imagine they intend on handing out some candy to the loyals.
I’m not expecting it to be mind blowingly improved in some way.
I’m expecting an update and some fun extras.
That’s just fine with me.

after watching the twitch stream and the excited response with the new style ship I think its obvious there is a decent crowd of fans out there.

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You, Cobra, and several others, myself included, have the same idea! Would love it if that were the case! Here’s hoping! :crossed_fingers:

So far, this has not been the case in phase 3, but we still have 7 glyphs left. Maybe the last 5 will be solved in-game, I don’t know.

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i think so too. The new alphabet will be used with portals. A Part of the “portal” command is:
“They found an anomaly, an aberration,
a door to the heavens. No Gek, no Vy’keen,
no Korvax could see it. Only the Traveller
could perceive the portal, though they
did not know how to step through.
They did not know the secret language,
the glyphs. They did not yet grasp
the price of the final truth.”

So it’s still possible that we need it for the last ARG’s glyphs


It’s hard to know for sure, considering Loop 16 has completely overtaken the Waking Titan ARG and is veering it off-track. However, the theory of the remaining glyphs being solved in-game is a pet theory i’ve had for a few weeks now. I think 2 more will be solved by the end of phase 3, with the last 5 to be solved within the Mercury process. It makes sense when you take into account the speed at which they have been unlocking so far…

A recent PDF suggested Loop16 is dreaming of galaxies while in sleep mode. I think that was foreshadowing of the big reveal: The No Man’s Sky universe is the dreams of the Atlas AIs.

Loop15 was placed in permanent sleep mode, that is the current version of No Man’s Sky that we have access to.

We may be headed into a situation where Sophia Dubois uses a failsafe to place Loop16 into forced sleep mode, and we will be given access to its dream, version 1.3 of NMS. Then we will need to find portals, which will lead to Loop16’s core program. There we will have to decide to destroy it, let it wake, put it into permanent sleep mode, or something else.

That is my prediction for the endgame of this ARG.


So…going through a portal may just take you to a big empty room with Emily laying in a bed…


loop16, that’s how.