Unused Data – Season 2

You may remember I did an unused data thread for the previous phases of WT, so I thought it would be good to again have a place for data which we haven’t found a use for yet.

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

NOTE: Please only reply if you wish to add to or change the data in this list. If you wish to discuss/investigate this data, please start a new thread. Thanks.

Gdrive filenames which when converted from hex are 9 nulls, a CR/LF, and the word “mirror”.

The Atlas v4 passes have a hex string which translates to phoenix.

Designations in the live drop memo: MY AT WT WR CR. (The first three are almost certainly MY=Myriad, AT=Atlas, WT=Waking Titan based on previous memos, but the last two are unknown)

Lab 319 – Mentioned in a hidden question on the survey after the NYC live drop.


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I think the last two designations in the memo are still unknown. According to what I’ve seen on Discord: MY=MYriad AT=Atlas WT=Waking Titan

I could be totally wrong but just thought I’d pass that along.


My guess is to new websites maybe?


It might be other websites we haven’t found yet I tried punching in random things that begin with those letters but I found nothing

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