Unique ID - anyone got a theory

Has anyone looked into our unique IDs and if they are some sort of code for something?

I ran mine through a Vel-hung cypher and it translated to “Mighty Conquerer of Female Hearts” so I’d say Atlas knows me well.



I’d say they’re just randomly generated like youtubes links, doubt theres too much mystery to them, to have unique messages for 1000’s of participants ready and lined up to go would be a bit OTT and take up too much time and resources that could be spent on more worthwhile ARGy things.

Here’s some insight into how these sorta things are generated


@toddumptious this is a great explanation! also teaches us about base-64, very helpful!

I find toms videos to be very informative and explained in such a way that anybody can follow along, you should see him give a talk about the Emoji keyboard he invented, such a great little tale. He reminds me of David Mitchell a bit, but less angry at society. Damn, I actually really wish David Mitchell just presented all his vids instead now.