TSG Holiday Party in the ETARC Hub was December 30th, 2017



Whats the address there? Did I miss it somewhere?


According to the video, @MacForADay will not give out the portal address just yet . It will be revealed in the morning of Dec. 30th in a ‘Come to the party’ short video, and likely during the live stream after.


Ah, I wasn’t listening to the audio. Thanks.


I’m not giving out the address to the public yet until the party starts, but I will PM it to you if you like.


Hopefully I can make it. Got to run out in the am.


Alese and I will be there, of course.


Hey @MacForADay , which time zone would that be? Just so I can be sure to be around for it :smiley:


My PC ghost will visit. You won’t be able to see me, but know that across the veils of the spirit realm, my ectoplasmic manifestation is partying too.


It will start around 10am EST, which is late evening for you I think.


Waking Titan has sprung back to life. Probably linked to Unification Day.


I have a post-xmas fasmily dinner thing in my aunts… But I should be able to escape it in time, I reckon unification day will still be in full swing! Or we’ll all be distracted by ARG craziness, either way it’s gonna be a good day :smiley:


Alese and I will be at the TGS party earlier in the day. Unfortunately, we will likely have to digress later in the evening for our guests. Our holiday family gathering will be starting in the evening of the 30th. (It will take everything of my willpower to not check in for updates of NMS… but family does take priority)


I will try to be there … working graveyard at this time :slight_smile:


We’re your family now, cut your ties to the blood-bound and embrace your digital brethren! I’m the same though, second xhristmas dinner type scenario in my aunties… Think I’m coming down with some sort of gek-flu though so cough might not be able to cough make it… Only prescription for it is geknip.


The party has started! If you are on PS4, you can come to the party and be in the voice chat for my livestream if you like. The portal address is in this video:

You can also get the portal address from this tweet:


I was unable to get out of family obligations after work :frowning: I will be on though at… 4-5 hours from now D:


sorry to hear … :beers: for ya


What’s the original, unclaimed name of the system / planet?


@Polyphemus I’m not sure…Probably NEDIAN
Planet was the first large one that came into view when I warped there.
From the lower level of the chain facing towards the core, level with Elefafra, it is off to the right at about 2 o’clock.
Hope that helps…